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    if VIP ARENA can be a free PK zone it would be really fun but sad to say its not Opponent guild or not this person is the only one who does not say a thing and just butting in
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    I am not crying or what so ever i just want to make things clear 1. being friendly in game I, We can be 2. sharing spots in game i, We can 3.Talking Talking Talking YES we must so we can understand each other 4. Cant Speak English? its fine i dont speak Russian language 5. I have respect for the spot if you are first dont worry i wont butt in this past few days this "Satanachia" WIZARD keeps on going in my spot i keep on asking/ telling him to get to another spot YET again keeps on ignoring me yeah its a game i know it and we all know it and yes i know all the map are free for all but WTF? is he Blind?? to see and not react? i keep on chatting him/her??? to ask me like "did i do or done something wrong?? and "whats your problem" the thing here is some people dont know the WORD RESPECT and thats the one thing that makes the game not fun anymore. P.S ill just leave it here P.P.S "Satanachia" please do replay on this topic if you really can READ?
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    can anyone show me the reset chart/table here in this Mu i saw one but cant find it anymore please and thankyou!!!
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    Just want to ask can i change from MG to SM? if i can how about the stats MG stats starts at 7points while DW/SM starts at 5 then when reach 220 quest goes 6 points how can you calculate the stats and can i change to SM?
  6. xhatred99

    stupid question related to character class change

    how about from MG to SM? can be? how about the stats??? the stat of MG is 7 the stat of SM is 5 but if 220 quest its 6 how can it be computed??
  7. hi good morning i keep on emailing you guys about my problem with the bonus that i avail 2 days ago please do something about this matter it says at the email response they will investigate it from 24-48 hours yet until now i still dont have a feed back thanks!!