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  1. nihad_1990

    Guild AntiRage

    1. http://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=N0va&serv=server2 2. 28 (11.11.1990) 3. 24 hour char is active ( I am at work) (Weekdays 6.50 - 7.50; 17.00 - 22.00) 4. Yes...Just downloaded. 5. Yes, I will. 6. Because it is one the strongest guilds. I do not know what to say but sure that I capable to be one of the srongest chars in the game. 7. Yes, I do.
  2. nihad_1990


    You know actually it would be very good to have separate VIP Server.
  3. nihad_1990


    When Changing Classes, do the char equipments change as well?
  4. nihad_1990

    Bug on Rave Set

    Hi Admin, There is Bug on Rave set as i weared all Rave items but last option Excellent Damage Rate 10% is not turning on in the words. Is there any solving way on this ? Thanks and Regards, Nihad.
  5. nihad_1990

    Lottery Error

    Thanks to all of u guys
  6. nihad_1990

    Lottery Error

    Guys, stop right there :). I am just asking. If he accepts it is great. If not so what xan I do ? But how great it would be great if he could accept.
  7. nihad_1990

    Lottery Error

    Why Scam ?
  8. nihad_1990

    Lottery Error

    But what about finding bug in game? Maybe You can do favour and leave that bonuses to me ? I would be very gratefull to you. Thanks.
  9. nihad_1990

    Lottery Error

    Hi there, That pet was sold to player yseraa for 6800 bons. Thanks for the compensation. But what yseraa will get? Also if I am still able to choose weapon I would like to choose Crystal Staff FO+13. Thanks in advance, Best regards, N0va.
  10. nihad_1990

    Spirit of guardian

    So you mean that Spirit of Guarding also cannot be killed?
  11. nihad_1990

    Spirit of guardian

    HP of Guardian is repairable? It can be killed during PvP ? Thanks.
  12. nihad_1990

    Expanded Dungeon - new farm zone

    :))) I mean, char's reset is too low and this is VIP char, so how he is gonna get exc items?:)) For example, i have 6 resets BK now, but sill cannot kill Bali and Soldier. That is my opinion. Cannot we do something about that ?
  13. nihad_1990

    Expanded Dungeon - new farm zone

    Admin, could you kindly inform why you are not increasing exc and anc drop rate in VIP map? Otherwise VIP Char is useless...