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    1. My nickname: ALEXANDER2. The game server: x100 Pandora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.24. Name the offender: Lanfran
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    1. My nickname: Anonymous2. The game server: x100 Pandora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.124. Name the offender:FIFA,FreeZze,E6aHyTbIu
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  5. Godlikee


    Yes and i attend TDM each day. You just saying the same over and over again. It is already warned about that. And explain it to me how does it happen? You said it everything but all claims you said are not having enough evidence to prove that deathcrow is innocent. also send the date stamp of your conversation between deathcrow show it. Also a picture of them his brother playing both MU at the same time? you have? Also playing at the same place at same time in TDM would clearly give a Advantage both of them also they are both present in both teams. It would be clearly having a Advantage towards them. Also If they are present in one same team. They would be not be guilty about it. Easy as that.
  6. Godlikee


    One time? Lol. it said Abuse dude. It always be doing it every single time. Death has been warned about that. Lol. Try to correct your angle to defend someone. You lose your point again.
  7. Godlikee


    Also why are you defending Deathcrow? Are you the one is reported? also even so he is your friend still you have no right to prove it. It's just a matter of people are involved in the incident.
  8. Godlikee


    Lol. Yes it is possible when you have two computer playing on the same time. But, rules is rules. They are giving each other points. and also even Yseraa he/she plays even he/she wants to give the point still he/she kill and participate well. Unlike that. But tell me why paradox is not moving when deathcrow is moving. you said it to here that his brother plays too. Does it need to someone have to afk when some is playing? Lol. Don't get me wrong. It is just a violation of the rules. Giving points like everyone is trying hard to get points. Does it need his brother to stop whenever deathcrow is moving then if deathcrow died. Paradox moves again. How is it coincidentally happen like that? State me a reason would not get them banned. Lol you're just making a deep grave for both of them.
  9. Godlikee


    Lol. nice cover up dude. Where is your evidence calling in whatsapp? Also it is clearly both accounts are owned by DeathCrow. Do you want to tell the admins to track the ip of both accounts? If ever he doesn't own Paradox. so Why coincidentally Paradox is afk then DeathCrow is playing if deathcrow died Paradox is moving.Tell me how possibly it would happen? do i born yesterday to not notice that? Also the other day when Admins held ingame Quest. Why the twinks are not in the TDM? tell me. Every single day paradox and Death also the twinks are present during TDM and coincidentally Admin is present that day. Why only deathcrow is present? Lol. (24/7 playing MU)
  10. Godlikee


    1. My nickname: Anonymous2. The game server: x100 Pandora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.94. Name the offender: DeathCrow & -PARADOX- You can see on the video. DeathCrow using two accounts when TDM. Btrice also reported but the evidence was a screenshot. This violates the point system in the TDM event. Links shows the vids. Part:1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXXP_NuqeYM&feature=youtu.be Part 2:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9z16NnpLwg
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    x100 crow&sci

    I think so.
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    x100 N0va&Wv

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    Garage Sale Pandora x100

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    Garage Sale Pandora x100

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    Garage Sale Pandora x100

    SELL SM 88RR 159 Quest Akki Set Eclipse set+13, Armor+L+3opt,Gloves boots+l+dd+ref,Pants+l+dd+dsr,Helm+l+zen+15 (8%DD harmony all) FO Staff of Darkness FO Spectre Shield 3RD Wings+l+12