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  1. blazee

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    Even if you get 3 - 4 options after crafting, it's pretty much useless because the next time you use it to craft to higher grade, you'll get random options again. Pretty much useless unless you want to settle to that lower grade items.
  2. blazee

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    Crafting will be fun and useful if the options are retained and not giving us some random options. Let say I have 3 Exc Leather Armor +L +DD +REF, after successful crafting I should have Exc Bronze Armor +L +DD +REF. If I craft 3 Exc Leather Armor +L +DD +XX then after successful crafting I should get Exc Bronze Armor +L +DD +XX, where +XX is random option. The problem with the current crafting system is the "Random Options", why not retain them? Besides finding good items with the same options is already hard, right?