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  1. yseraa

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    Thanks, good news. And sorry, checked again balrog is there, somehow missed it before.
  2. yseraa

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    And one more question. Today I didnt find metal balrog at lot twice. Its supposed to be like that from now?
  3. yseraa

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    ? Its disadvantage for newbies. For me personaly it doesnt change anything.
  4. yseraa

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    Range of the BA bosses also have changed, now you trigger them just by walking by.
  5. yseraa

    Unknown updates

    He got the point there.
  6. yseraa

    Items upgrade

    Yes. Staff was created by Belka to replace spirit of guardian.
  7. yseraa

    Refferal system Pandora x100

    Become my refferal and you will recieve bonuses I get from you reaching 25, 50, 75 resets and bonuss if you reach 75 resets I will send you 1000 bon. http://muxglobal.com/?page=start&referral=28592 Also I can help you ingame as much as I can. Thank you and good luck. )) (c)yseraa
  8. yseraa


    Today around server time 12:24:20 I killed Metal Balrog at Dungeon and it dropped standart angelic staff. Happened also earlier today.
  9. yseraa

    4opt items

    I recieved drop scepter with 4 options and server has implemented safe mode because of this I cant make hrs or sell it to NPC. Only way is to put it in market and as we all know trading slots cost bonuses. So why would we have to pay for something like this?
  10. yseraa

    Items upgrade

  11. yseraa

    Items upgrade

  12. yseraa

    Items upgrade

    Its been 2 weeks, even staff of darkness is better (because its upgradable), than "exclusive" lottery staff.
  13. yseraa

    Items upgrade

    Hello there. Items upgrade for crystal staff not working.
  14. yseraa

    KA map

    24.12.2018 there was bug, KA map was given to the guild with 500 points as screen says.