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    Bonuses for Guild Master

    1) Ulumulu 2) http://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/3956-ulumulu-recruting-100x-pandora/ 3) Hello! First im sorry for my english :) Im oldschool Mu Online player (I stopped playing this game nearly season 5 years ago...). I was semi-hardcore player who liked to be in top3 on private servers. I was really agressive style player - I liked KS wars and PVP so much! My guild mates always liked me but rest of server just hated me - it was ok for me, its just a game and i had fun when someone flame me for KS/PK. Now, im 30y old, married guy. My wife is pregnant so im just taking all my free time to play on MuxGlobal because soon i will need to grow up :> Our guild came here from alot of servers years ago (like UnionMu, ChaosMU, PolMU etc.). We are enjoing this server stats and people :) Muczaczos www.twitch.tv/muczaczoslive
  2. Muczaczos

    Ulumulu recruting - 100x Pandora

    Hello, everyone! We are experienced oldschool players of Mu Online. We are mostly polish speaking guild but recruting english speaking people aswell If u like cooperating and playing with friendly people just PM me in game or introduce yourself here ! Muczaczos www.twitch.tv/muczaczoslive