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  1. Millennial

    Modified character formulas

    Thanks popwar
  2. Millennial

    Modified character formulas

    How to do combo with MG and SM?
  3. Millennial

    Ulumulu recruting - 100x Pandora

    Do you have any conditions for joining your guild such as resets or active time?
  4. Millennial

    Defense Buff Bug

    Monsters with skill such as Tantalos, Hydra, PhamTom Knight deals a lot of damage for Energy Elf when the monsters use AOE skill. The more defense buff, the more damage received. Can you please fix the problem please. Somehow I cannot upload the pictures, sorry.
  5. Millennial

    Defense Buff Bug

    Pharaun: I don't get your point here
  6. Millennial

    Defense Buff Bug

    to BeL4eNak: It is not about HP. When I add more energy, I take more damage from them. This only applies to me, not to my parties.