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  1. Millennial

    Modified character formulas

    Thanks popwar
  2. Millennial

    Modified character formulas

    How to do combo with MG and SM?
  3. Millennial

    Ulumulu recruting - 100x Pandora

    Do you have any conditions for joining your guild such as resets or active time?
  4. Millennial

    Defense Buff Bug

    Pharaun: I don't get your point here
  5. Millennial

    Defense Buff Bug

    to BeL4eNak: It is not about HP. When I add more energy, I take more damage from them. This only applies to me, not to my parties.
  6. Millennial

    Defense Buff Bug

    Monsters with skill such as Tantalos, Hydra, PhamTom Knight deals a lot of damage for Energy Elf when the monsters use AOE skill. The more defense buff, the more damage received. Can you please fix the problem please. Somehow I cannot upload the pictures, sorry.