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  1. cheloo_tm

    x100 Stranger things

    go eat some fish and chips
  2. cheloo_tm

    x100 Stranger things

    Just saying this is because of your syster end of story... your syster=charmaine.. or should we this is bcs of charm? Really? Nonsense just crying to get some reason
  3. cheloo_tm

    x100 Stranger things

    Stop with this tip top nounsense
  4. cheloo_tm

    x100 Stranger things

    Rampage was not afk just to clear your mind
  5. cheloo_tm

    x100 Stranger things

    Nonsense.. Was not about your relatives or family. They were talking about another player in this matter Rampage's sister Charmaine
  6. cheloo_tm

    T> pendant of fire PANDORA

    trade pendant of fire +5+EDR+speed for pendant of lightning+EDR+speed+++
  7. cheloo_tm

    T> ring of fire +12+DD PANDORA

    trade ring of fire+12+dd for ring of poison+DD+Ref
  8. cheloo_tm

    S>SM on x100 Pandora

    how much?
  9. cheloo_tm

    guild position

    Yes i know that and I did that. I will try next 400. Thank you
  10. cheloo_tm

    guild position

    I tried this morning at lvl 400 and didn't worked. I will try again next time. Thank you
  11. cheloo_tm

    guild position

    Hello I am a guild master and i cannot put guild members in positions like battle masters. I tryed like 3 times per day in the last 2 days. And they are not like new guild members. Thank you.