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  1. wnuq

    cant start game

    there are 3 screenshots i find solution on my self somehow i can start game by luncher only by main coz this second luncher destroy all
  2. wnuq

    cant start game

    yea soon ill be so bihind for not starting that will lose sence anyway who know that they even try to help me somehow its 3 days already
  3. wnuq

    cant start game

    soo there is no help to my problem as i understand?
  4. wnuq

    cant start game

    done this 1000 times in all my hard drives turned it off still this https://imgur.com/UFGeB5o and then this happen (errors are random each time just 8% of second luncher) https://imgur.com/nDI1WHV and net frame if someone tell me its that problem https://imgur.com/9krmLU0
  5. wnuq

    cant start game

    yea rly thx for posting post which not help me that why i post this topic and not helping at all realy great
  6. wnuq

    cant start game

    Hello. So after pushing play get error named message.wtf and some random marks and then after second luncher shows its update to 8% each time and random file name error shows (each installation different error) even my friend send me rared game which work for him yet still after second luncher shows its update to this 8% and error. how can i fix that ?;/