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    Can't run the game? Look Here!

    HI, just want to ask why like this only until LOADING only cannot start the game., already off firewall, anti virus, run already in administrator., i use already vpn thank you...
  2. paulmike27

    Cannot Reset

  3. paulmike27

    Cannot Reset

  4. paulmike27

    Cannot Reset

    Accont: paulmike27 IGN: pmNolag Class: BK
  5. paulmike27

    Cannot Reset

    Not Yet Fix still the same cannot reset sir.,
  6. paulmike27

    Cannot Reset

    Why i cannot reset, im level 400 with 400kk zenny., The site said not enought zen. Why?
  7. paulmike27

    Bonuses Gone

    Just want to ask why my bonuses are gone and back to zero i always vote to get some bonuses., why?