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  1. Destroyer

    S> BM x200

    close topic
  2. Destroyer

    S> BM x200

    Do not pay attention to him
  3. Destroyer

    S> BM x200

    well 10k bons for x100 server = 180 euro if u think that its much its your problem
  4. Destroyer

    S> BM x200

    190 res 136 quests name Destroyer Plate set +15+L+DD+REF some items +XX harm 8% Lithning Sword +13 F.O Lithning Sword +13+L+S+Rate+2% Tower Shild +13+L+SKILL+DD+REF+Rate harm 8% 2 Rings +REF+HP 3 th Wings Offer here or try pm in game or in discord Destroyer#8268 , Skype seemba11 Reason for sell No time to play anymore
  5. Destroyer

    Just Disappeared

  6. Destroyer

    Just Disappeared

    1. http://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Destroyer&serv=server2 normal in arkania2. obtained in game process3. 26.10.2018 from 23:55 - 00:104. I was just traiding to make items +9+16 and im was full of inventory and my set was in invetory i wear it to clear some space in inventory there was enough space, but the exchange did not occur, and then it disappeared not enough space, although it was enough5. Plate Panc +15+L+DD+REF+Mana in char inventory6. No