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  1. TigerX

    B> x30 VM set

    B> VM gloves pants boots +dd+ref
  2. Can I have the list of level for each reset??
  3. TigerX

    Website loading slow

    My internet work fine but when I go to MUX website it is loading like 5 minus to get into the page, does anyone know the reason and how to fix it???
  4. TigerX

    Axe Warrior in DS

    In which floor of DS that have Axe Warrior??
  5. My Dark Raven attack in CC, is it normal or bug??
  6. TigerX

    Dark Raven attack in CC bugs or not?

    In dark raven slot it become red in CC, how come it can attack?? If it is not bugs that is fine then. Thank you!!!
  7. What are the benefits of Pendant of Ability and Ring of Magic??
  8. TigerX

    Pendant of Ability & Ring of Magic attribute

    Oh I see, thank you. when do you plan to come back??
  9. TigerX

    Referral Rating counts

    How does the referral rating count??
  10. TigerX

    Referral Rating counts

    1st rank how much bonus? 2nd, 3rd....??
  11. TigerX

    Schedule of daily events

    How about crywolf event??
  12. TigerX

    Ugrade item to +13

    Is there other way to upgrade item from +12 to +13 without using goblin machine??
  13. TigerX

    Mix jewel of goldsmith

    I suggest to have function of mix jewel of goldsmith like bless, soul, etc. It will be easy to store, trade and sell in market.
  14. TigerX

    Mix jewel of goldsmith

    I think other player want to but they just don't say it. What is so hard to make function of mix jewel of goldsmith since there are function of mix other jewel.
  15. TigerX

    Ugrade item to +13

    Oh I see. Thank you. But I wish there is system that can upgrade from +12 to +13 by website in Aurora server.
  16. TigerX

    Ugrade item to +13

    really?? send me some link.
  17. TigerX

    Ugrade item to +13

    yes, Aurora.
  18. TigerX

    Ugrade item to +13

    No, I tried it. I put item +12 to vault and go to web and item don't appear to be able to upgrade. In "Rankings, TDM, Set bonus, +14/15 uplevel price" topic, Arthur said about price from +12 to +13 too but it doesn't work in web.
  19. TigerX

    Reset point

    1st reset can be done at lvl 275 but if I reset my character at lvl 400, Will I get more stat point than reset at lvl 275???
  20. TigerX

    Reset point

    In server that I used to play 10 years ago, the calculating system is like that, the more lvl you reset more point you get. So I think this server might also calculate like that too. So there is no such calculating system in this server.
  21. TigerX

    Event description

    Where can I read about all events description???
  22. TigerX

    Event description

    there is no description about Castle Deep event.
  23. TigerX

    Event description

    That is not what I mean. I mean events like Castle Deep, Great Dragon, Team Deathmatch, Kanturu Domination...
  24. The link of new ancient set is not working.
  25. TigerX

    Cannot start game

    Is this server dead or what?? why I cannot start this game anymore?? Is there any problem??