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  1. Why MG cannot use power slash skill when ride fenrir? I think this is unfair.
  2. TigerX

    Interesting screenshots

    After got ban by store name "low iq". now only word "low" left in store name. So funny xDDDDDDDDDDD
  3. TigerX


    So you mean this sign _)_ is minor abuse. But I don't think so. well now he got 4.2. I am ok. And thank you for your time and work @popwar
  4. TigerX


    4.2. Humiliation of players in any form and the use of obscene language. He humiliated me in form of using store name I think it should be 4.2 even there is no extra hour, also it is a sample for other player not to do this. And today he is still using store name (what a low iq have you nob) to humiliate people (he refer to me). If there is no punishment for him I think other players including me will use the same style to humiliate other players too. Even minimum punishment is ok to set a sample.
  5. TigerX


    5. Prof add:
  6. TigerX


    5. Proof add: Store name: tiger = sobalan (rat)
  7. TigerX


    It is not about chat log. It is about store name.
  8. TigerX


    Well just to make sure if this sign " _)_ " can use legally or not. If this topic close without ban so that is mean legal sign. so we can start using it in game. It is a good news I think.
  9. TigerX


    1. My nickname: TigerX 2. The game server: x30 Aurora 3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.2 4. Name the offender: -Teko- 5. Proof:
  10. TigerX


    I am sorry to do this but if someone write this " popwar = _)_ " . Don't you feel anything? well if you feel nothing well I guess every body can use this sign in game openly and legally.
  11. TigerX


    -Teko- store name: tiger = _)_ . Does it count? or should I make another topic for -Teko- ? If dirty word/sign can be use in store name, well we will have new way to swearing at other. and I will do the same way.
  12. TigerX


    4.2 For a single use of minor abuse, for example - stupid, moron, freak, asshole, rat, etc, there will be no ban. In case of multiple use of minor abuse (multiple use on one or more screens within 1-3 days, either threads are often created on same player, the sentence will be given in full amount or even with additional hours. (on discretion of Administration).
  13. TigerX


    sobolane=sobolani = rat X 4 loser X 3 Stupid X 1 fk = fuck X 1 store name: tiger = sobolan store name: tiger = _)_ Note: -Teko- and HannibaL is same person I think it is more than 4.2.
  14. TigerX


    1. My nickname: TigerX 2. The game server: x30 Aurora 3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.2 + extra (or something else) 4. Name the offender: HannibaL 5. Proof:
  15. TigerX


    Because while lvl up, exp log run too fast that is why date disappear, but you can see pc date in stead.