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  1. Get chaos success rate only appear from +11 to +12, and it fail every time I pressed it, so I consider it as bad luck button xDDD .
  2. TigerX

    Reinforcement option error

    My nickname: Patrick Server: Aurora Please fix this bug on my sword.
  3. Isn't it better to increase % success rate in CM from SV than make that useless button? What is the point of seeing the real %, everyone already know that % in CM is not real, it is just depend on luck. why you cannot increase % success rate in old server? I think most of new players quite because of this CM. Hard to find item and still it is burn in CM. pff....
  4. TigerX

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    Pls check CC, it is kind of weird. I have 26rr, how can I die of exploding of mobs in CC? I did not fall but die when mobs explode.
  5. TigerX

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    well, I guess it is time to change, and zen drop in stadium is too little now, pls reconsider this case too.
  6. TigerX

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    kill them and rise PK and they still in same spot like nothing happen.
  7. TigerX

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    What is the point of cs owner kill other players in stadium when they still appear at the same spot and the killer got pk. I think if it is like in ba, to appear at the same spot they need to lost 1 jewel otherwise they will appear in arkania and cs owner will not get pk. This is more reasonable I think.
  8. TigerX

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    How about jwl of anc and goldsmith mix, when will it available to use? And Can I have new quest list in excel in Aurora?
  9. TigerX

    4opt items

    Or make chaos weapon
  10. TigerX


    It is normal. What is the problem??
  11. TigerX

    4opt items

    Upgrade it > +10, it will burn
  12. TigerX


    1. My nickname: TigerX 2. The game server: x30 Aurora 3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.3 4. Name the offender: K-Y-O 5. Proof:
  13. TigerX

    Interesting screenshots

    Guess who is hiding is cave? xDDDDDDDDDDDD
  14. TigerX

    Interesting screenshots

    I wonder when will this kid grow up???? xDDDDDDD
  15. TigerX


    How can he report someone who is not even in the conversation? Isn't it 4.18?