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  1. Hi. I want to sell jewel of luck on pandora x100 for the same jewels or bons on diablo x200. Hit me here on ingame diablo DigBick
  2. nagor

    Diablo and pandora merge

    One more important question - what about bons? You will add diablo bons to pandora bons?
  3. nagor

    Akki and Ichor?

  4. nagor

    Akki and Ichor?

    Boss of kalima7 and dungeon, like Illusion of kundun in k1-6. Respawn time 25h, probably top players are holding his timer so low possibility to kill one. It drops 0-3 items, exc and anc higher grade, ofc no useful items 🤣
  5. nagor

    Akki and Ichor?

    Get castle siege and hunt bosses or hunt relict in dungeon/kalima7/areaidontrememberthename
  6. nagor

    Diablo and pandora merge

    Oh this seems to be important - characters with no res wont move? What if I have 15+ chars full of zen? Maybe after merge you can make web vault tax free for some time to move my wealth ? Considering how "fast" my character improves it doesnt seem long time
  7. nagor

    Diablo and pandora merge

    Hi all. Can somebody tell me the estimated date of merge? And how it will work - lets suppose that I play on both servers with the same account and I have all 5 pages of depo full of items on both servers. How it will merge?
  8. nagor

    Number of reset and level requirement

    Whoops, sorry then
  9. nagor

    B> SM items diablo x200

    Hi. I want to buy: - Grand soul items +l+dd (excluding helm and gloves) - Venom mist items +l+dd (excluding helm) - Sphinx items +l+dd+2 more opts (dd/ref/dsr) (excluding armor) Offer some bons, jewels, zen (if anyone is intrested in zen still). I also can offer MG 92rr
  10. nagor

    Quest system full list

    I wouldnt call this drama. We just want admins/devs/mods to treat everybody and every server equal. Now new project so all ppl work only there and we wait months to fix bugs (for example rave+kantana set bonus...). I wont even say anything about overlooking the real money transactions
  11. Hah, if they merged diablo and aurora - me and im sure that many more ppl would leave because of FO sets, wings and pets from aurora...
  12. You can get 30 (?) gemstones from one invasion - if all dragons dropped gemstone. Goodluck...
  13. nagor

    4.2 many times Viserion

    SINGLE means single, I posted double abuse
  14. nagor

    4.2 many times Viserion

    Days with frustrated people, daily Diablo routine... 1. My nickname: DigBick2. The game server: x200 Diablo3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.2 (2 times)4. Name the offender: Viserion5. Proof: