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  1. nagor

    [27.12.2018] - The holiday comes to us!

    Gifts in store for 99999 bons
  2. nagor

    Dont try this at home, or Fenrir Fails.

    I cannot see this video.
  3. nagor


    I quit this server if he/she gets ban for this
  4. nagor

    B> SM items diablo x200

    Price in bons?
  5. nagor

    B> SM items diablo x200

    B> venom mist armor and pants+l+dd
  6. nagor


    DigBick is my main character
  7. nagor

    Chaos Goblin Machine

    Can you tell me more? Yesterday I made feather with 60% in the first try! It never happened before. Ofc wings failed but I didnt expect anything more
  8. nagor

    Bug after todays server maintenance

    What about relic spawn time bug?
  9. nagor

    Bug on Rave Set

    Yes admins know this bug for 3 months
  10. nagor

    Is the voting function working?

    Maybe somebody votes from the same IP?
  11. nagor

    Kundun System FAIL (?)

    Generally I see about 5 active ppl on this forum. Anyway we got something nobody wanted. Actually even admins didnt want this
  12. nagor

    Kundun System FAIL (?)

    I didnt want this and Im sure nobody from our guild wants this. I just want admins to fix this asap - or we dont have any announcment and respawn is 25h OR we have announcment BUT respawn is random 24-25h. Now its the worst mix of the options - announcment with exactly 25h respawn We both know that its not random
  13. nagor

    Bug after todays server maintenance

    Sry I took wrong forum section before. So - relics are still exactly 25h respawn on x200 diablo.
  14. Hi. Relicts (at leasts silent grounds and kalima7) are exactly 25hours respawn. So last update didnt change anything except the announcment. The effect is everybody knows what (diablo x200)
  15. nagor

    Kundun System FAIL (?)

    Relict is still exactly 25h respawn