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  1. Pharaun

    A very bad title

    You mean 'weak'? Get dictionary first before you serve me kebab. No, cause I don't want to have any account on this worthless forum any longer.
  2. Pharaun

    A very bad title

    There is way to do it without asking. I don't care about name changing. Delete this shit.
  3. Pharaun

    A very bad title

    Hey. I want my forum account deleted permamently. Can't find it in options. Also all topic I created as well.
  4. Pharaun

    Quest system full list

    It's my overall feeling of being fed up with people who don't care unless you pay monies. Should I start paying money to fix bugs? Or maybe you should start paying me money to report them? Also accurate quest list again(not for purpose of advertising):http://forum.bless.gs/index.php?showtopic=24820
  5. Pharaun

    Quest system full list

    I just did quest 178, 10 golden goblins, recieved bok+3. NOT VIOLET MYSTERY BOX. So it is Bless Mu list after all. Thanks for being wrong again. Seriously work a little on your little side project. It's annoying how you neglect it Quest #178. Задание: убить 10 Golden Goblin. Локация:Noria, Lorencia. Награда Box of Kundun +3.
  6. Still doesn't change fact that doing 10.000 jewel upgrades in 2 weeks and 5000 sucesfull combinations in 2 weeks ARE USELESS. Profit is so bad compared to amount of work you have to do you do other things cause this is completly pointless. Just look at rankings at Diablo now. 1600 'top' score while Strongest guild is at nothing. Second strongest guild is at 1000. Hmmm. I'm not saying to change rewards. I'm saying just change bloody quests. In those 2 weeks time I could farm up nice set or get enough jewels to buy something useful. Or do normal quests and get guaranteed rewards. Or try to do stupid guild quest so I might gamble a little at end of it..TO GET NOTHING USEFUL. Yeah. Guess what people will choose.
  7. Or maybe quests themselfes are crappy in their idea? As I said. Not every of them. Some of them are done with nice feeling. Also Gemstones don't work. Only stuff done at Goblin. Thanks mr "I don't do what I advise."
  8. Pharaun

    Defense Buff Bug

    With just fenrir I was hit '2' dmg. It's gonna skyrocket probably with Rudolf on..
  9. Pharaun

    Defense Buff Bug

    I think this might be true, I'm getting some insane amounts of damage coming from Tantals while at 9k defense. If it's Golden tantal I would understand, but getting 2k hit by normal one with not high vitality is weird. While my low rrs chars stop struggling against them after more or less 10 rrs and take low damage. Gonna test this today with low energy to see.
  10. Also I didn't mention any quest limiters. I think they should stay, I'm climbing up don't worry, less then 30 quests now. I will also try to motivate some of our players to do same. This system is quite good.
  11. Pharaun

    Reset wait time?

    Sorry for confusing you "When 25 best achievement top players will reach 1250 achievement points, this system will be enabled." ^^
  12. Pharaun

    Reset wait time?

    What you should do: - Before certain amount of resets you can start procedure - before level 400. Check for yourself I don't remember since I'm over rrs 100. so you can start procedure before you reach 400 and keep leveling but to finish resetting you have to be level 400, so reach that and leave game asap for fastest possible reset time.
  13. So. By accident someone made - ancient item +12+28. Previously +12+16. +12+16 gives 51%, +12+28 gives 8%. With Cape+9+16. Where is logic in this at all? I could understand there is cap to %. You reach cap % you stay cap %. But it does lower %?! By 43% when upgraded over?! Not to mention you can't undo +28. Who wrote that alogorithm should think it through and test it with capped items. You reach max % and you stay max %. But by going over it you get lower %? That's no sense at all.
  14. Pharaun

    cant start game

    Turn off User Account Control settings if Windows 10 also.
  15. Pharaun

    B >> on Diablo x200

    Update: - Staffs: Kundun+L+edr or better or Platina+edr or better Shields! - Legendary or better+L+DD+more? Unupgraded or +13 (how much for that FO shield Tribunal? :P) Paying in: Jewels, bons and/or other in game items. Got 2 jewels of luck among other things.