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  1. Lobster

    Server's difficulty

    I'm also happy about chaos machine %. Not being able to complete a set makes me more motivated to come online and actually play the game instead of just afking. If certain items are challenging to obtain, they retain their value for a long time and it's rewarding to finally get them. I don't get how is this even an issue. There are plenty of servers where you can buy everything in lorencia bar. Is that fun? For someone, maybe, but for how long? A need to upgrade your equipment should be a long term goal instead of something you do over a few evenings.
  2. Lobster

    Server's difficulty

    I reckon you should tell your friend that there's no reason to upgrade star items to 14 and 15, except maybe weapons if you can't afford a decent + rate one or just want to pump your jewels down the drain. Your market has a lot of decent items +luck+dd for 6 bonuses each which is very affordable just with voting. I don't see how increasing % on chaos machine would help casual players though. If anything top players would get their sets faster and noobs couldn't sell them items from boxes.