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  1. IceShadow

    4.1 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    I guess he means russians as administration. So i suppose this is 1.1, but this is up to admins to decide if they find it disrespectfull. Your not suppose well because its nothing bad on it .. and i don't unterstand the reason you say that s 1.1 ??
  2. IceShadow

    4.1 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    1. My nickname: Tribunal2. The game server: Diablo x2003. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.14. Name the offender: LefT4DeaTh5. Proof: Screenshot https://ibb.co/dw8XnK https://ibb.co/eCXsnK https://ibb.co/di67Me P.S. Is it bad to be russian ? why i should feel shame to be russian ? yes, i earn some money, but why do ppl have to write me about my nation and about nation of my friends ? P.S.S. - one SS has no date, but if following you can see same /post msgs with a date on it Show me plz the reason to take ban ? i don't say something bad .. i don't something racist .. So if i take a ban means that something i not going well here..
  3. IceShadow

    4.1 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    Weissmann Cry Cry Cry
  4. IceShadow

    4.1 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    Don't puss any more Crymann …. ahahahhahaha You are mistake .. Admins its not ..
  5. IceShadow

    4.1 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    I cost you all you time from game … you are not player .. you look reasons to make the other feeling bad ! I am Greek and I don't have nothing with Germans Or Russian .. nO problem with any1 .. I am not racist .. if a take ban because you make the Russian guys rich its realy a lie ..
  6. IceShadow

    4.1 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    previously you said you dont play guess-games. Anyway, it doesnt have to be connected with me, even if he meant it about admins, why does he have to mention my/our nationality ? i´m actually from Germany (he knows it) and i´m more than a half german nation... It feels really strange to me, to read something like "how does it feel to make russians rich" ... I understand when ppl break 4.12 Rule, but god sake, this is just a game, why ppl need to digg so deep to try to touch someone proud... My grandgrand pa died in the WW2 and now i read this fcking shit. It´s disqusting Realy now ? tell me plz dir Admins whats wrong here ? I don't care if he is german Russian turkey or if the administration are an other nationalite ..I don't give a [email protected] for what he says .. I just tell him that he don't have Balls to be good alone .. he makes some people rich tp be good and to write in game for all this ..
  7. IceShadow

    4.1 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    Cry Weiss cry …. tell us now that we are racist .. WHY I GET A BAN FOR THIS ?
  8. IceShadow

    4.1 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    Realy now a get a ba because I say you make the Russian guys rich ?? that's a lie .. Weissman is a German I leave in german too .. but not I take a ban for this reason ?? he looks all the time something like this he don't play he crys
  9. IceShadow

    4.1 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    That **
  10. IceShadow

    4.1 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    I have tired with you Weissman …. that's the end for me !! I don't tell anyone if you are Russian .. I tell they you make the Russian guys reacht so don't try to give someone ban here without a reason play don't cry .. every day the ppl have problem with you . you look a reason to ban them play like a man and don't break our balls plz ..
  11. IceShadow

    4.2 LefT4DeaTh (x200)

    se gamaw oli mera malakismeno MEANS I don't give a [email protected] for you …. and weis tha se gamisw malaka MEEANS don't break my balls ….
  12. IceShadow

    4.2 IceShadow (x200)

    Ok … let me tell you that if am get a ban it will be stupid … because I don't say anything wrong!! thank you !
  13. IceShadow

    Interesting screenshots

    GooD Job
  14. IceShadow

    Payment approved, but the bonuses do not appear!

    No yet .. I hope so
  15. IceShadow

    Payment approved, but the bonuses do not appear!

    Server Diablo Account alexg13 payment method Paysafe date 05 /08/18 Thank you .. I hope that my bonus today here is !!