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  1. Same here, every time when that "damn" button appears, it fails 100%, at least i had like 8-10 attepts with that new feature and all burned Basically nothing changed, also, after merge you might change the server name to "Burners"
  2. KayLee

    x200 KayLee

    That guy is provoking people, then crying and complaining on forum ... coward
  3. KayLee

    x200 Tribunal

    Now you see ? No more comments
  4. KayLee

    x200 Tribunal

    Well, i wrote just the truth, there are no other words to describe that person, sorry =))) He said, not to me, but anyway: I quote - "I will cut your throat", "my people will find u " and so on ... That guy has mental disease
  5. KayLee


    Thanks a lot
  6. KayLee


    My Monitor resolution is 1600x900 But if i set in Mux Settings 1600x900 square is too big, some side elements in game are not visible, So I am using 1360x768, the only best option for me, As I mentioned its not an issue, just prefferences, cure for my problem is to buy a bigger monitor , but anyway I created that topic to ask if its possible to add some more resolution options, i am sure i am not the only one with that problem Thanks,
  7. KayLee


    In my case, i am using Window Mode only and 1360x900 is to small while 1600x900 is too big, so there is no other option between that sizes
  8. KayLee


    Hello, Just a question, Is it possible to add one more resolution option: between 1360x900 and 1600x900 For example 1440x900 Its not an issue just preferences, Thank you
  9. KayLee

    Referral Achievement issue

    Thank you
  10. KayLee

    Referral Achievement issue

    okay, thanks
  11. KayLee

    Referral Achievement issue

    Sure, Thank you
  12. KayLee

    Referral Achievement issue

    Is there a hope that u will fix it and add 3 stages to mentioned accounts for passing 3 stages of Achievements ?
  13. KayLee

    Referral Achievement issue

    It was leveled to 200RRs nick: KayLee So, basically according to Referral Achievement Logic, both accounts 78555111 and a7855511 should have 3 stages (1 star) for Ref Achievement.
  14. KayLee

    Referral Achievement issue

    Hello, That account is 78555111 I have not received 1 star(3 stages) for Referral achievement but only one, referral account have 170+ RRs which means it pass 3 stages but received only one stage. Also account a7855511 should also have 3 stages passed for Referral achievement which have only one as well. Please check when u are available, not sure if that is an issue or not, but as i know when referral account pass 3 stages then both accounts should receive them, Thank you for attention, Regards,
  15. Hello, Many players wrote on chatbox but no one reacted, Is there a techincal issue with removing quest limit on x200 ????? If no, then please remove it, there are not so many players remained on server who anyway wants to move further.. Thank you,