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  1. vilpas

    Guild Tribute at 200x

    Add it to Diablo aswell!
  2. vilpas

    Guild Tribute at 200x

    Would be great. It will help 200 res ppl to make quest and lottery achievement. Also guild buff boost would be cool.
  3. vilpas

    Guild Tribute at 200x

    Is there any plans to introduce Guild Tribute system at Diablo server? More and more ppl getting 200 res, also huge delay in quests open taken away opportunity to make 212 quest in DS.
  4. vilpas

    B>>At 200x

    B>>Dark Master items +dec+x+luck pm here or in game: vilpaz
  5. vilpas

    4.3 vilpas x200 Diablo

    I guess it's obvious to all that sentence "go cry to your dady" have meaning of "I don't care about your blabla" in this situation. It have no offense meaning on family members or user itself. Also for some word in this screan other player maby would deserve ban even more. Anyway funny stuff is that person who are out of topic in this conversation "Weissmann" making topics about this. But what else we could expect from person who play for living, and can't think other ways to be able to farm all in server.