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  1. vilpas

    Type-R ignoring offenders

    Today even during event on diablo post rule were broken. What did GM who was online? Moved a finger like for a little child? Situation about /post language reached critical state, and if u are not capable to make auto ban for it at least come from time to time and make it manual. But instead of this you just tolerate it. So main quotation is what international server are you talking about?
  2. Admins showed how they care about "new players" or at least keeping mid grade players after they changed boxes from soldier/bali. Just move your brains and think a bit how newcomers would ever be competitive to get GD or Asteroth? For how long already exist diablo? Is there at least 1 TOP set +13? It's ok that such stuff could not be made in 1-2 months, but even since now? Seriously? But still instead of making something rly useful all we get lately is some crap minor updates no one care about.
  3. vilpas

    Unknown updates

    It's not about maintenance. Drop from soldiers/bali were change and who know what else? Diablo is test server or public server? First do then talk? Shouldn't be opposite?
  4. vilpas

    Unknown updates

    Dear admins. Not all the players play in every server you have at the same time. So can u be so kind and move a finger to make a post in forum or game page before some unknown update? Or implement update only in server you was planing to do it. Such stuff shows huge disrespect for server communities.
  5. vilpas

    Guild Tribute at 200x

    Add it to Diablo aswell!
  6. vilpas

    Guild Tribute at 200x

    Would be great. It will help 200 res ppl to make quest and lottery achievement. Also guild buff boost would be cool.
  7. vilpas

    Guild Tribute at 200x

    Is there any plans to introduce Guild Tribute system at Diablo server? More and more ppl getting 200 res, also huge delay in quests open taken away opportunity to make 212 quest in DS.
  8. vilpas

    B>>At 200x

    B>>Dark Master items +dec+x+luck pm here or in game: vilpaz
  9. vilpas

    4.3 vilpas x200 Diablo

    I guess it's obvious to all that sentence "go cry to your dady" have meaning of "I don't care about your blabla" in this situation. It have no offense meaning on family members or user itself. Also for some word in this screan other player maby would deserve ban even more. Anyway funny stuff is that person who are out of topic in this conversation "Weissmann" making topics about this. But what else we could expect from person who play for living, and can't think other ways to be able to farm all in server.