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  1. Viserion

    x200 remove quest limit

    i said same shit long times ago when i still play. so no point for change that shit .
  2. Viserion

    Interesting screenshots

  3. Viserion

    4.2 or 4.3

    ne oldu yemedimi = what happened couldnt eat ( if use translate mean show like this . there is mean " have some ass hurts ? in my langauge ) we fcking to pussy like this or fck ur pussy . with google shows like this. and mean is bad than this translate and there is another topic for him and also but with wrong screenshoots . his mouth is dirty just heard from to others he talking crap with all .
  4. Viserion

    4.2 or 4.3

    + add for wrong translate then .
  5. Viserion

    4.2 or 4.3

    1. My nickname: Viserion2. The game server: x200 Diablo3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.2/4.34. Name the offender: Tro9N5. Proof: nice start to day with these words .that dirty mouth noob should to learn talk with each others .
  6. Viserion

    Aurora 4.6

    and u know he is right with 4.6 for the past. just dont use that shitty words and all will be great. dont forget that fckng shit " its just a fckng game " and all will be great mate. game is game but words are real.
  7. Viserion

    Aurora 4.6

    control prison history like i said . u will see.
  8. Viserion

    Aurora 4.6

    man u cant use that Holly word to everywhere . thats same shit fck ur mother and motherfcker . Btw i took ban from 4.6 with "ask your mom " so its same " ur mom is noob " and also check prison history how many 4.6 with these words. i dont know why POPWAR stay with 4.3 this time . be fairly at all . even if u play with them . GL all now
  9. Viserion

    Aurora 4.6

    bro he decided great . we are friends yea . but there is ur words making 4.6 not 4.3 dont use these shitty words more .
  10. Viserion

    Aurora 4.6

    senate /friends = members so stfu u re not senate or u cant decide what is going here
  11. Viserion

    Guild Tribute at 200x

    like i said give us 1 k stats like before . it will be great for of us all .
  12. Viserion

    B> at X200

  13. Viserion


    1. My nickname: BabyFace2. The game server: x200 diablo3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.12 or more idk dont know russian langauge4. Name the offender: Storm 5. Proof: http://prntscr.com/lp13jt
  14. Viserion

    Bug after todays server maintenance

    acc: asdekor sv: x200 Diablo 2x violet mystery box+1
  15. Viserion

    Guild Tribute at 200x

    and what about extra 1 k stats points ? :))