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  1. DeathMG

    B > Glorious items @ X200

    Now need only gloves and helm + L +dd or better . Item can be without luck to.
  2. DeathMG

    B > Glorious items @ X200

    Hey buying next glorious items on x200 : Helm +L+dd / dd+ref Armor+L+dd+ref pm me here or ingame DeathL
  3. DeathMG

    Cant run the game

    I have same problem , tried everything but just dont work anymore . Ok works now , and i have no idea wat i did
  4. DeathMG

    Zen transfer to character?

    On website go services and chest , there u can transfer to char.
  5. DeathMG

    Payment approved, but the bonuses do not appear!

    Same here , still no bonuses :(
  6. DeathMG

    Help Me

    I should write to support to ? Cause i didnt get bons from MOBIANO ( 2x5eur).