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  1. Katze

    New Ancient Sets

    Why you no request MG set too. @MZU pffffff
  2. Katze

    Where the BK class ??

    Why service option no have Change to Blade Knight?? is that bug??
  3. Katze

    Air Lyn Bow Bug (Attack Speed Hack!! And DC)

    @Thurg can you send me the downloader red alert 2?
  4. Katze

    Air Lyn Bow Bug (Attack Speed Hack!! And DC)

    Change the bow and the problem is solved
  5. Katze

    S> SM, ELF and bons on diablo x200

    What is that scammer? @MZU @shadow
  6. Katze

    Lost All Set / Got Hack

    check the log of transaction, and return the spirit guardian or anything else to the SM char (poseidon). i think just check it maybe need 5 minute..
  7. Katze

    Lost All Set / Got Hack

    Hope you can take back your spirit guardian (8500 bons) and 1 set accesories (ring and pendant). Good luck to you my friend.
  8. Katze

    Lost All Set / Got Hack

    Maybe admin @Arthur can help you.. Hope we can know who doing this..
  9. Katze

    Bonuses return

    @MZUYou always be a bad guy.. go back to your cave !!!
  10. Katze

    Bonuses return

    the bonuses return system will be updated, its for Aurora or Diablo?
  11. Katze

    Seal Of Healing (EXP error) ??

    Okey, i understand now.. Maybe it was the first seal and the last one I bought, because in my opinion the seal has no additional effect exp. Thanks all for helping me
  12. Katze

    Seal Of Healing (EXP error) ??

    Oh okey, only 25%.. But when i buy its written 125%, and already purchase the stat buff "Exp gain increased 125%".
  13. Katze

    Seal Of Healing (EXP error) ??

    Really? I don't see any information as you say. 🤨
  14. Hello, i just buy seal of healing (300cash point = 12 hours) from cash point market. Why do not I get more exp? Description is increased 125% exp. Im already trying in solo & gold party.. the exp i got, using seal = no use seal --> same. Any solution? Thanks
  15. Katze

    lost wings lvl4

    Hope you get your wings back