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  1. jori56

    Drop changes

    what do u mean sir? Is it like roll back or something? __________________________________________________________ im not sure but now its really hard for players to get that rr because of zen and only option is the low lvl mobs... My character is always online that's why i can survive atleast.. but for new players with limited time i guess its really hard and they will just quit.. Its harder to get party,,,
  2. jori56

    Possible outcomes

    auto party helped a lot and .. many players help me on my crucial lvls on getting resets..
  3. jori56

    Possible outcomes

    Thanks sir.. ill try that.. Actually i wish there's an achievement for helping new players..
  4. jori56

    Possible outcomes

    Hello I'm new here I'm just wondering if there are top players here who don't donate for items? And tips of course would be helpful for newbies..