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  1. everything is fine, but please bring down max people in guilds (it's an old game after all what do you expect) we even voted to bring it smaller - but no, now some stupid new rule
  2. not after, when you increase max players in guild in server where there is not enough active players to make opposing guild can't it be like - max players - 7/10 or something?
  3. button made me less salty when if it burns, it's like terms of agreement what you check when installing windows, in small print - there is a small chance your items will burn x100 times in a row
  4. salty

    Share your music!

    take control, dont waste time, my time is running out !!!!!
  5. salty

    New concept for Guilds and Alliances

    might as well make max limit 1000 players in guild
  6. salty

    Additional options when upgrading items

    so, X for defense / HP = Item grade? I guess? what is formula for other options?
  7. salty

    Help & Tips

    i if you mean Crystal of Multishot it has a chance to drop form star of secret birth, but you should probably better ask someone to give/sell it to you
  8. salty

    Share your music!

    than better like this raps, not some american
  9. salty

    Share your music!

    was kind of good sword, now burned to upgrade to +13 and now need some time to recovery, It was best sword I had - knight blade+ref+rate+/level burned and now i sad : some people might say, yes i burned 10 wings or something in one row, that's why you don't do it all in one bulk
  10. salty

    New concept for Guilds and Alliances

    yes, Weissmann, its not an upgrade imo, this makes CS even worse, only chance - if DDAN gets too bored and don't show up at all , (ally idea is good, but there I don't think is strong opposition
  11. salty

    New concept for Guilds and Alliances

    increasing max players in already strong guild helps how? btw - last CS I was only 1 player trying to register against sheol
  12. salty

    New concept for Guilds and Alliances

    in Aurora ally with what? LOMKA? (jokers not playing) maybe would be good rule if there was a lot of players, but all players just go sheol % to dmg/deff to CS (after many wins) also don't matter, sheol can just take CS with different guild or let some of hes other guild win to reset %, also I think i was only 1 to even register
  13. salty

    New concept for Guilds and Alliances

    In Aurora x30 Sheol is already dominating in all evens, how it will make game more interesting if you make winning guild even more stronger? Whats the fun in that, if there is no competition maybe good idea about alliances - just don't have anyone to make alliance with - not too many active players
  14. salty

    Share your music!

    I have taken in myself the spirits of my fathers long time ago: