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  1. salty

    Share your music!

    this is what happened to you -teko- come on buy your ban don't have enough bons?
  2. salty

    Share your music!

    feel it in the air - the wind of change blows strong
  3. salty

    Share your music!

    but then, maybe not even him, maybe he don't like raps musics at all like me
  4. salty

    Share your music!

    only teko would listen to something like that
  5. salty

    Share your music!

    that's very bad reps tuch tuch piper - 0%
  6. salty

    Share your music!

    music from my country - kind of good - 40%
  7. salty


    _)_ polite verson would be penis
  8. salty


    to be honest, I don't think he's worth all that your affection hanro, it's not our obligation (perhaps) to play he's shrink
  9. If it is so, then at least can you give some clarification on rules, if 3 accounts from 1 person is allowed?
  10. I could not find any topics in prison if using multiple accounts in TDM are ok, but in case this counts as dishonest:1. My nickname: SaltyRage2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.94. Name the offender: -Teko- / Scar / HannibaL5. Proof: ^^ screens above ^^