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  1. Market

    Good idea ! Smart mind
  2. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    Okay im understand you and i know why you angry becouse DL in 2 years was the best char in this server. And when this change, you was angry, so if you invested money admins wil be change game for you ? And its not fair ? So tell me what is the fair about people who have BK, who make quest and reset in BK, im think BK was hard class in game to make reset and quest and always in MU was the strongest class. And all ppl know you dont work so much, you have only low SM and buy DL from Dean. So please dont talk about hard work and you work so mutch. You only play one key Fire Scream and when change balance and you are not GoD you now angry.
  3. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    So if you accustomed to use only one button and have easy game now you must think and use not only "press 1 button" ^^^^ bay the way DL its not the strongest char in MU
  4. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    but im think Madara Loki and WizardSM it ws a top players ? or no ?
  5. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    You cant Kill Madara becouse he was in your team ... ^^^^^^