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  1. Harvest

    S> SM, ELF and bons on diablo x200

    Sell Solmyr http://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Solmyr&serv=server2 Kami http://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Kami&serv=server2 legendary set +13+l, 2 parts dd, 2 parts dd+ref, 1 part dd+ref+dsr ring wind 12 dd hp 2% hp grand soul pants +13+l+dd+ref 1000 bons PM
  2. Harvest

    Server's difficulty

    I don't know, I sold char with everything
  3. Harvest

    Server's difficulty

    sod doesn't drop from box+5 here
  4. Harvest

    again and again -Teko-

    Jesus christ... Please, read this first - http://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/270-rules-for-screenshots-videos/ This screen is not acceptable. Read the topic, and next time take correct screens and post them.
  5. Harvest

    again and again -Teko-

    Jesus christ... Please, read this first - http://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/270-rules-for-screenshots-videos/ This screen is not acceptable. Read the topic, and next time take correct screens and post them.
  6. Harvest

    Server's difficulty

    As you say, when you - full rr super active donating char is on every invasion there is no point for 90rr and less characters to even go for lizards or tantal bcs they won't kill it before you find them, kill them and take their box - there are players but no point looking for these goldens for them. For example dragons which i guess you don't look for die quite fast. So I'd say you can't use that as argument that server is dead.
  7. Harvest

    Kanturu domination event

    I don't know how it looked when bug took place, right now we have different bm and he isn't last in guild member list.
  8. Harvest

    Server's difficulty

    My point is - sure a lot of things are doable, but nonexpirienced players on mux or just people playing not much, which i feel are most of server right now, it's too hard for them, as well as such change would increase online number in my opinion because more of complete newbies would stay here. Without new players even if complete newbies server won't have high online is what I'm trying to say too. Well admins know more about numbers thanks for answers.
  9. Harvest

    Server's difficulty

    How is saying once that i upgraded few items in a row connected to anything? I know you guys look to be accepted and to be funny with your sarcastic comments but I would appreciate if you shared your opinion about topic, positive or negative.
  10. Harvest

    Server's difficulty

    Long story short I think settings are too hard for how many casual players play here. Making any simple thing here takes a lot of time and very often ends as fail leaving players with month of collecting for literally nothing, amount of time put into playing very often brings no rewards - example, my friend plays almost everyday on work day and every free day for many hours, he collect a lot of everything, jewels, items, fenrir ingridients etc, everything. He play since beggining of server, he is collector and yet he can't make any item, +l+dd? all burn on+10-12, bows non exc? almost 10 all burned 10-12, fenrir fail, shit of work to get feather and flame for lvl3 wings few times? fail, at least 3x full set non-exc +13+luck = at least 15 items and from them only 2 went on +15, and he runs all time with anc set +0 from dungeon and weapon +9 from star after collecting like crazy, where is fun here? sure he might be unlucky but it's not that rare to burn a lot of items here in a row even on good %, Imagine now someone who plays less, once per 2 days or just 2 hours a day, what can he achieve here? half year in set from stars literally... now as far as i know many top players quit which made server even more chill but it's hard for many newbies to have fun here. I'm not saying that you should make bless bug and sets fo in arkania NPC, try to think about it objectively... Making full set even from box +1/2 +12+l+dd is dream for a casual player, maybe in month or two he can get that if he is lucky... From what i heard, even from admins on forum sometimes, this project is supposed to be easy/chilling/for fun compared to bless mu EG, should it have same server settings then? If i were to be specific, something like 5% more chance for 10-15 items in chaos machine or exc items more often having luck or 2/3/4 opts. Just a little thing that would reward more putting time in game, i'm not saying that everyone should have set +13+l+3 opts but well... I think right now most players don't have as much fun as they could. Right now i feel like top players quit because they like to cry and casual quit because they don't see any progress/don't gain much from putting time in game. I would love to hear what other players and ofc admins think, is there even a chance for any change?
  11. Harvest

    Kanturu domination event

    Today character Kami couldn't join Kanturu domination event when talked to NPC in kanturu core, tried relog etc but it didn't help, there wasn't even statement in left top corner that normally would say "you will be teleported to k domination arena in 3 seconds". Other thing is dissapearing reward boxes, today guild master of Ashen didn't recive box, day or 2 days ago battle master didn't recive it (yes each time above 1000 points). They didn't move after getting teleported out of event arena and box just didn't drop.
  12. Harvest

    quest #41

    Yes, 5 marks +3 = 1 map +3, best way to find it is to kill shrikers in noria lorencia devias, or buy map in Xshop, you can get access to it by clicking x in safezone. Buying it cost cashpoints, you can get them for doing quests or you can buy them for bons on web.
  13. Harvest

    Where do you find loch's feathers?

  14. Harvest

    Where do you find loch's feathers?

    Here are all bosses times and drops:
  15. Harvest

    ImYourDadd x666 Diablo

    What do you mean?