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  1. Function

    4.15 ImYourDadd x200 Diablo

    Chill the fck out and stop being so, over the top, sensitive in every step of the game. This nickname is not disrespectful in any way, shape or form. For fck sake, he even misspelled the word dad...
  2. Function

    Server Settings - Diablo x200

    To be honest, I'm kinda up for this. Looks like admins had a lot of suff to consider and made some fantastic decisions, good job guys. I'm proud to see you moved on from pay to win (mostly) to grind and let people trade and exchange items and this is very healthy for marketing and overall very player friendly decision. All in all, I'm happy to see you've evolved and made great efforts to make gameplay healthier, good job. Looks like old papa Function might be back in town for this.
  3. Function

    Rules reviewing suggestion

    You all are so rotten, I come to this forum once in two weeks and all I see Is bla bla bla RETARD, bla bla bla RATANGEL, bla bla bla... @ArchAngel you're retarded. @MZU you're ignorant bastard. @Weissmann why are you even still here? @ristache triggered feminist wannabe, go kys. Grow up already, cause this server looks like a bunch of twelve year olds trying to prove something.
  4. Function

    Guild Master Tournament

    This takes away someones free will to be in a guild with people they want to be with. If muz wins as DL and angel wins as SM, they MUST have their own guilds so that they are separate from each other, since they are strongest of their class, but what if they want to make love to each other and stay at the same guild?
  5. Function

    BloodyCros 4.2