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  1. MZU

    Diablo and pandora merge

    Yes, of course.
  2. MZU


    Hahahaha. You should have asked him if fuckig Erdogan is included
  3. MZU

    Staff of Archangel

    Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Forever means endless, infinite amount of time, which obviously you don’t control.
  4. MZU

    Staff of Archangel

    The only change I suggest you to do is kill all server processes, get your horsemask on and GTFO this shit game
  5. MZU

    ref reward

  6. MZU

    Making Condor Feather.

    I meant this is not a feature developed by webzen. It is a bug.
  7. MZU

    Making Condor Feather.

    No, it’s not. there is not item in webzen that could ever exceed the max amount of zen allowed in inventory.
  8. MZU

    VIP account

  9. they are neutral. zero except the options.
  10. MZU

    SG x200

    Same happened in aurora at CS. Could not hit the opponents. Except the fact that there were two Castle Siege in row. What the hell?
  11. MZU

    cant start game

    Add game folder to Exception list in your antivirus/windows defender, then download the update patch from muxglobal and install it
  12. MZU

    Cannot Reset

  13. MZU

    S> BM x200

    180 euro. Not much for a BK
  14. MZU

    Referral Rating counts

    Why does the earth spin?
  15. MZU

    Schedule of daily events

    Did you change anything to these events or you only want to remind them? I can’t seem to recall any changes
  16. MZU

    Ugrade item to +13

    I don’t play that shit server
  17. MZU

    Ugrade item to +13

    In what universe?
  18. MZU

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    Who said you can move existing bons?
  19. MZU

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    Are the real money deals included?
  20. MZU

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    No, here it works the player rip-off system. It is very known by the admins and they seem to get used to it. You guys ruin the reputation of this project because this lame actions, imho
  21. MZU

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    Something like, once you go black you never go back?
  22. MZU

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    Then maybe you should also close Aurora server? It consumes a lot of resources for a hand of players. Inflation and lack of players on the server is at it's highest level. And I will own soon more than 50% of the valuable items in the server. What's next ?
  23. MZU

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    @Arthur open new x30 that will be merged in the future with Aurora too. With items from shop and everything
  24. MZU

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    ++++++++++++++++ Supreme
  25. MZU

    Cant run the game

    Add entire game folder to Exclusions. Any modification of the file sha/md5 will trigger your antivirus.