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    _)_ polite verson would be penis
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    -Teko- store name: tiger = _)_ . Does it count? or should I make another topic for -Teko- ? If dirty word/sign can be use in store name, well we will have new way to swearing at other. and I will do the same way.
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    i guess 4.12 if 4.2 then realy pulled out one
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    Hmm.. i agree with Weiss, REC “soft” 4.3 Next time just use the nick.. i mean who cares if they are related or not, that stays outside the game.
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    For multiple occasions - yes. How stpuid do you think other ppl are? There are basically identical text lines in the conversation in the other topic.. do you think it’s hard to solve the mystery to whom it is intended? Even if it weren’t meant for a specific player, it still can be abusive to someone.. so would count anyway.
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    Well just to make sure if this sign " _)_ " can use legally or not. If this topic close without ban so that is mean legal sign. so we can start using it in game. It is a good news I think.
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    I am sorry to do this but if someone write this " popwar = _)_ " . Don't you feel anything? well if you feel nothing well I guess every body can use this sign in game openly and legally.
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    If you check past topics in the forum, the people who took this swearing word were punished by the rule of 4.6
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    İ see this guys at forum chat box . Keyboard commandos ready to fight everytime !! 🤣🤣🤣
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    This time was with normal rings ahahahahahahaha
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    @popwar^^stfu in game^^ lol what kind of helper are you ? how to give me lesson about language when you use same inappropriate expressions ?