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    Anyone else thinks that it would be nice if Kundun Relic had an announcement when it gets killed and before respawn? 25 hours is a long wait.
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    just do not use it . nobody will care u have an account or not
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    all the tears bcuz wrong reward ? stop all these complains, you better hurry up with quest and resets to be able to compete with ppl, or chill out if your reason of staying here is just farming jewels. You found a bug ? - nice, report it and forget about it. I am with you somewhere, but slowly you start to cry way to much.
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    1. My nickname: Tribunal2. The game server: x200 Diablo3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.64. Name the offenders: Left4DeaTh 5. Proof : annany silkym snn orspu cocgu = i fuck your mother you son of a bitch P.S. He changed spelling of words, but if you dig a bit you might find out the right translation. Annany = hidden "mother" orspu (orospu) = ho, slut sikym (sikiyim) = fuck, cock
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    It is time for our routine changes in the quest system, so it can be relevant to the current in-game situation. As in previous updates, we are trying to eliminate unnecessarily difficult quests that appear too early in the quest chain, and often cause players to quit when they stumble upon an impossible task. Our goal is to make quest list as smooth, balanced, and fairly rewarded as possible. We have completely removed all missions related to White Wizards from the quest system. We are certain that there were absolutely no fans of WW quests. We have replaced them with new, much more enjoyable and interesting missions in Chaos Castle, Dungeon and Kanturu Domination. Zaikan quest has once again been moved up in the list and is now at #142, while Golden Lizard King takes its place at #119. This should help with the problem of players having to wait in a queue to kill one monster. We have removed all Boxes of Kundun +1/2 from the rewards and substituted them with Violet Mystery boxes instead. In addition quests 70, 85, 101 and 120 now give you Loch's Feather/Crest of Monarch as a reward, this should help newer players in their pursue of creating their first set of wings. Few simple quest Yetis have been changed them to Death Bones in Dungeon. You can see the full list of quest that have been changed below: 57 – Yeti x40 – Violet Mistery Box 66 – Golden Scorpion 1x – Jewel of Bless 70 – Cyclops x50 – Loch’s Feather / Crest of Monarch 77 – Chaos Castle Archer x3 – Stats, Zen, CP 85 – Elite Skeleton x60 – Loch’s Feather 96 – Golden Goblin x1 – Violet Mistery Box 101 – Ice Queen x60 – Loch’s Feather 112 – Golden Titan x2 – Violet Mistery Box 115 – Chaos Castle Archer x6 – Stats, Zen, CP 119 – Golden Lizard King x1 – LvL UP, Stats, Zen, CP 120 – Scorpion x100 – Loch’s Feather 129 – Armored Goldsmith x3 – Violet Mistery Box 137 – Death Bone x1 – Violet Mistery Box 142 – Zaikan x1 – LvL UP, Stats, Zen CP 178 – Golden Goblin x10 – Violet Mistery Box 196 – Armored Goldsmith x6 – Stats, Zen, CP 198 – Death Bone x2 – Stats, Zen, CP 211 – Mayas Nemesis x10 – Stats, Zen, CP 225 – Death Bone 3x – Stats, Zen, CP 247 – Death Bone 6x – Stats, Zen, CP We are always open to your suggestions for the quest system - which mission should become harder easier and what types of quests should be removed completetely. P.S. Server Pandora already had this changes implemented from the beginning.
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    For you it was 4 fails in a row, someone else got 4 successes. 150 bon it costs only in x shop, you can buy it cheaper from other players, and you get them from quests at some point as well. Anyway, it is one of the most useful jewels, so nothing will change. Personally I would make it even more expensive Better luck next time. Closed.
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    Yeah, by now i already know that "anany" and "sikym" in any spelling forms is smut. So REC 4.6
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    Enis Legendary Options for each item: 2 Set option: Enemy’s Defense Ignore Rate 5% 3 Set option: Double Damage Rate 10% 4 Set option: Increase Energy +125 Full set options: Increase Energy +125 Increase Wizardry Damage +5% Enemy’s Defense Ignore Rate 5% Set item parts: Helm, Armor, Pants, Boots Key here is Double damage rate and 2x Enemy's ignore rate. Also THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE, you don't need to equip the very very "shitty" Hera Gorgon Staff, you can equip what you want. + If you mix Enis + Anubis, you can get even better options, annd you still can equip whatever staff you want + a shield (more exe options, more set bonus etc etc) P.S. A link to our ancient set list, seems like the one you used does not really match - http://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=ancientnew
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    STop asking dumb question. Just look at the options, amount of needed items, def and set bonus. Dude
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    Hmm, we got both - 4.1 and 4.6, so let's say REC either one of those (both 7 days) + extra hours. I would also recommend checking for a main account, this seems like it could be a "burner" one.
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    20 Assassins in Devias to be exact. I've done this quest myself several times, got full inventory of Boxes and Jewels while doing it. But I agree, it took some time to complete. The point is that anyone can do it, it's not some kind of boss, that others players don't let you kill. You just need time and patience.
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    Ofcourse it is nice! Don't forget to mention the map in the announcement. War for boss
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    Dont change anything that quests is too easy 1 hour at noria farm yewels and quest easy
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    Oh, come on guys, that might take a while, 30-40 minutes, but those are not difficult quests at all... Compare it to 10x Dark Elfs for example, that's like 10 hours minimum ) 50 Assassins instead of 60 and 125 Sapi Unus best I can do
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    No idea tbh, but i think in case of merge, Diablo will infact merge to Pandora, just because Pandora has less stats etc etc, the transition to less stats seems easier and it usually has happened this way. But that is just my speculation. Yep, 0 res chars will not move and if you have anything on them (equipped, in inventory or in personal shop) you will obviously lose that too.
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    Any League of Legends enthusiasts?
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    I don't know, it's not on the priority list, it was only an idea somewhere deep in my ToDo lists.... But, if there will be more than two people, that think that this is a good idea, probably we could arrange it with the next update. Example: Archangel Weapons: (Sword, Staff, Crossbow, Scepter) Buff: Increase damage to Phonomans +25 Increase damage to Blood Caste minions +10% Increase damage to Blood Castle Gate and Statue +25%
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    If I'm not mistaken it has something to do with the quests where you get Levels as a reward. I'll get a more specific answer and report back.
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    my ref friend made 170 th rr but we both didnt take any referal reward. acc:asdekor ref acc : ejder73
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    I have a better solution. Perma ban on forum, GL. Closed.
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    They can reduce aurora +fo items to +2/3 options. They have done such things before with merge
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