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    JackBlackx30 Aurora4.2--MuSTaN-- / MARUS9IProof:
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    SELL SM 88RR 159 Quest Akki Set Eclipse set+13, Armor+L+3opt,Gloves boots+l+dd+ref,Pants+l+dd+dsr,Helm+l+zen+15 (8%DD harmony all) FO Staff of Darkness FO Spectre Shield 3RD Wings+l+12
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    I cannot issue blocks while doing quests. Without your screenshots nothing can be done.
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    "seninkini sikiyorum" is meaning "i m killing your enemy" or "i m defeating your enemy" not "fuck you" or any swear. funny.
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    Bad translation Seninkini sikiyorum = kill your enemy and here he didn't tell you that.
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    Hello everybody ! If there are some old players who still playing on this project you guys remember Phobos (x5000) server. In my opinion Phobos was the greatest server of all MuX's time. What do you guys think about this? For Admins: Please make vote when you gonna open new server. It seems to me if you open the next x5000 it will be the best decision for a new server.
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    When admins make hard mode all from boses and etc all noobs cry in forum say itss too hard we need easy so never be ok maded server here so many Cry'ers !
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    No, ofc not. Besides that I don’t sell for bons in this project, your offer sucks