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    1. There should be information first before you turn off server. Main page and/or Forum. "Planned maintenance/Emergency maintenance/Update maintenance" and so on. 2. There should be estimated time that server will be off. 3. Additional information to satisfy our curiosity, but without technicalities. 4. Posted information when server is up. 5. "Hello, server will be down today" "..." "Sorry for inconvinience, we try working on it." "I like bananas". Today we have what I suspect - planned maitenance that you just didn't inform us of. GM in game saying "Maitenance is needed for server to work" - yeah, but it's mandatory to inform your customers of it. It's only respectable thing to do. If you don't do it everytime - you lose your customer respect, your brand/reputation stuffers and of course you start to lose customers. If you forget it sometimes..That would explain few things. I'm happy to remind you. You're welcome. Like so, but can be done better:
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    We apologize for this situation, we've been having technical difficulties with the network. Maintenance had to be conducted. In the future we will pay more attention to server stability and timely announcements of server shutdowns. I've given an additional 24 hours of VIP time for VIP members as a compensation.
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    I suggest to have function of mix jewel of goldsmith like bless, soul, etc. It will be easy to store, trade and sell in market.
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    Hey. 1. Current guild quests to sucesfully mix 5000 times.. Why was it prolonged? It's horrible. Trying gives you 200-300 without burning 1000 blesses for potions. Most I have seen is 300 in 2 weeks. Top guild didn' even go over 650 points!!! We have made 1179 being most active guild. FFS. I say terminate this horrible quest and give us normal one. This leads to second point.. 2. It's time to recalculate Guild Quests for x200 Unless you will increase number of people in guild or liven up server to 300-400 players - it has to be changed. We have around 150 'online' and this won't go up fast. I say we have maybe 50 or bit more people playing. Merge will be when? Half year from now on? We have to wait that much? That won't be argument for me at all. 5000 sucessful mixes? Make it half or less. We made 1179..second place 616, third 386 and fourth 183. 10000 jewel uses? Make it half or less. We made 3000 trying hard! Top guild were not even close to that. 2000 Happy Pouches? - OK, could even increase it to 2500. Top guild didn't even bother to do half of it. Why? Well it's not worth it. I say get a group of players and consult with them maybe if you are not sure. But while 1 quest was fun, 2 were utterly immposible unless we spent more time playing then living Target has to be more or less realistic while considering fun factor. Hunting pouches for example is great. Everyone benefits from that little by little getting jewels and get's motivated somehow. Trying to push through forcing people to do even 200 mixes is tragic. Don't remember rest I did participate in but those first 2 are just immposible. We have less then 20 active players and we make most points but this is too much. It was fun with Pouches I give you that, but 5000 mixes makes people bleed from eyes. Top player had 300 in 2 weeks, I made 260 doing a lot. Not to mention getting one green box and maybe 1 good item isn't worth that much mixing at all, and nobody feels it does. I had 0 useful items from guild quests so far, one of us had 1 nice item. Rest were just fuel for our HRS.
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    also weis found a few fo items wings to in diablo . my fo serpent from him. so u guys think to drop with 50 lottery to jackpot ? iceshadow dropped top sword in diablo with 6 7 lottery tickets also . and its mine now . just 1 in server * and freequency find fo pendant of water with 2 tickets. its not about to numbers or ur spend bonusses for this for me same 0 with 68 lottery. but its about ur luck . maybe u need to pray some before to drop ur tickets weissss
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    is it also "well known" bug or is there any way how to get "untouchable" I didn't know about?
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    Rec 4.2 And rec 4.2 rewr235 (+ main, if others agree)
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    180 euro. Not much for a BK
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    Just want to ask why my bonuses are gone and back to zero i always vote to get some bonuses., why?
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    My prices for rrs are 2x or even more too high. 400kk on 19 rrs and 1,4kkk on 139 rrs?? When I had previously around 700kk for my 139 rrs...??? Some people have them for free and some x10 higher??? Also can you tell Popwar to stfu if he doesn't have anything wise to say? You're just annoying some people more by letting people without any customer service skills to talk gibberish.
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    Why does the earth spin?
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    Hello there. I want to swap another character with the character I've used. but I didn't see anything on the subject between the rules. what should I do? I don't want to do anything wrong. is the character swap appropriate? and what is the procedure
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    I think other player want to but they just don't say it. What is so hard to make function of mix jewel of goldsmith since there are function of mix other jewel.
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    I don’t play that shit server
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    A little FAQ about our account policy. 1) Never give your password to anyone. Never. It's a basic. If you did it, get ready to loose everything in one moment. In this cases you can return items only with help of this form. Better do not try to lie about you not giving your password to anyone. This might end up very sadly for you. Truth is always better. 2) We recommend not changing the original password from your account. In case you do, here are some recommendations: Don't create a password, which is the same as your account, nickname, guildname. Don't create a password, which is the same as your cell phone, date of birth, or other personal information. Don't create very weak password like - qwerty, 123456, 1q2w3e, muonline, muxglobal e.t.c 3) Very important! Don't tell anyone your e-mail address! If you told your password and full e-mail address to someone, in one day, your account can have an absolutely different e-mail. For e-mail change you will need to know game password, full e-mail address and your current IP address, which match with your account IP. If you are owner of account and e-mail, but after a while, you will notice, that your accounts e-mail is different - sorry, but this isn't our problem. 4) Never! NEVER create cooperative accounts and e-mails. Seriously, just don't do this. Even if it's your wife or husband. In the end we will not find out, who have more played, who have bought items e.t.c. 5) The owner of account is only one person - who has access to the e-mail. Even if you gave someone your items " Just for a moment " - the owner of these items is changing Gameplay screenshots like " Just give me wings for 10 minutes, i will check dmg and give it back " are not considered as evidence. It's just verbal deal, nothing more. Please use our contractual or warranty deals. Only one exception - items from contractual deals Even if a player gives you his account and e-mail with words like " I'm leaving the game. Enjoy! ". 6) In case if you have bought account and have not changed the e-mail, and the last owner comes back and picks up all items from this account - this won't be a theft (but anyway, this doesn't means that these kind of actions are legal) If you want to buy an account, please count on e-mail change price too. This will be more safe and cheaper than restoring items later. If a player took all items from account, he will be banned/not banned by administrations discretion. Formally, owner just took back own items. 7) If two players can confirm e-mail at the same time - account will be banned until this problem be solved.
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    Set bonus Your Set Bonus depends on: Grade of your items (Helm, Armor, Pants, Boots, Gloves, weapons or shield in your hands) if the items have luck, their level and options. Set Bonus = 10 * amount of items with luck + sum of your items level + grade / 2 + amount of options * 10 (10 * amount of items with luck + sum of your items level + grade / 2 + amount of options * 10) * Percent of your class DKPercent = 0.05 DWPercent = 0.01 ELFPercent = 0.10 MGPercent = 0.20 DLPercent = 0.03 Example: All 6 items have Luck = 6 * 10 = 60 All level on items sum = 5*15 +13 = 88 Grade of items / 2 = (93 + 109 + 100 + 84 + 87 + 160) / 2 = 316.5 (system take only whole numbers) Amount of options = (2*5) + 6 * 10 = 160 Result = 60 + 88 + 316 + 160 + (60 + 88 + 316 + 160) * 0,1 = 624 + 624* 0,1 = 624 + 62,4 = 686,4 If you want to know your Damage & Defense, you need to multiply your set bonus by 0.03 686*0,03 = 20,58%
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    Anti lag patch, which was made especially for our servers. Almost all magic have reworked. You will see all spells, but without heavy effects. This significant increase your PC performance. Besides heavy effects was also removed from sets, items, pets. Right now we can present two variations of anti-lag patch. 1) Basic 2) Basic + wings The difference with second patch is removed wings. They is fully transparent (right now not all wings are transparent)
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    I've read enough replies like this. Just stop it, thank you.
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    Be advised. This server will be merged in future with Diablo x200. If you are playing on x30 or x200 - nice! This server firstly is for new players. This time will be much more advertisement then early.