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    Hey. 1. Current guild quests to sucesfully mix 5000 times.. Why was it prolonged? It's horrible. Trying gives you 200-300 without burning 1000 blesses for potions. Most I have seen is 300 in 2 weeks. Top guild didn' even go over 650 points!!! We have made 1179 being most active guild. FFS. I say terminate this horrible quest and give us normal one. This leads to second point.. 2. It's time to recalculate Guild Quests for x200 Unless you will increase number of people in guild or liven up server to 300-400 players - it has to be changed. We have around 150 'online' and this won't go up fast. I say we have maybe 50 or bit more people playing. Merge will be when? Half year from now on? We have to wait that much? That won't be argument for me at all. 5000 sucessful mixes? Make it half or less. We made 1179..second place 616, third 386 and fourth 183. 10000 jewel uses? Make it half or less. We made 3000 trying hard! Top guild were not even close to that. 2000 Happy Pouches? - OK, could even increase it to 2500. Top guild didn't even bother to do half of it. Why? Well it's not worth it. I say get a group of players and consult with them maybe if you are not sure. But while 1 quest was fun, 2 were utterly immposible unless we spent more time playing then living Target has to be more or less realistic while considering fun factor. Hunting pouches for example is great. Everyone benefits from that little by little getting jewels and get's motivated somehow. Trying to push through forcing people to do even 200 mixes is tragic. Don't remember rest I did participate in but those first 2 are just immposible. We have less then 20 active players and we make most points but this is too much. It was fun with Pouches I give you that, but 5000 mixes makes people bleed from eyes. Top player had 300 in 2 weeks, I made 260 doing a lot. Not to mention getting one green box and maybe 1 good item isn't worth that much mixing at all, and nobody feels it does. I had 0 useful items from guild quests so far, one of us had 1 nice item. Rest were just fuel for our HRS.