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    Hello i want to report senate member popwar. He gives ro and deletes my topics for no reason. Have full letter where i could see hes not in right place at all. Man you working for us, because we are customers. So this time you make me angry when you deleted my post 4 times, then closed topic. So CUSTOMER SERVICE is not working here
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    Car for my wife on the birthday. I told her that there are new winter wheels for her honda insight as the gift. But there is no honda))
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    I was a bit late. Thank you for the drops.
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    I guess you will like it It was just a picture, but @Artur decided to make it more "Mu"
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    I will tell you a secret, if you use "ban service" quite often, there is a chance you might win rule-8 as a gift to a loyal customer.
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    If we could vote for senate members leaving,there would be no admins anymore
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    This is the sound of ArchAngel when I kill him in TDM Also this "music" is for all Sheol ! With dedication !
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    Yes, let's press 103 buttons. But no result. Bk is harder to lvl up and to quest, but it's not right to make him godchar, cause you will get 93% Bk soon. Mu - is team game. BK can kill DL SM can kill Elf Elf can kill BK DL can kill MG MG can kill SM you can change any to any, but this should work smth like that. Not as now BK can kill DL MG ELF SM SM can kill ELF MG ELF can kill MG DL can kill SM ELF MG MG can kill ELF SM this is not right when one class can stand vs all 4 other classes together
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    Not agree. It's not too good when BK with satan wings and angel will hit the same dmg with combo as BK with conqueror +15 and demon. There should be formula, which includes this % damages into it. Also % from set bonus, vip bonus 10% and other %dmg increasers.
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    Please, don’t do anything more with balance. Just leave Mg and Elf like they are now and return other classes like they were before 1st update. If there is no sense for balance - there is no sense. Just add new anc sets and nothing more, please... forget this balance story until you have time and fun to make separate balance for each server/Projekt real. I read all the feedback in mubless - people are also very upset about it and want everything back.
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    Today will be in-game special Halloween "Drop event box" Legend server - start around 19:00 Aurora server - start around 19-15 - 19:30 Phobos server - start around 19:45 or maybe a little bit later
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    First - the fact you donate, doesn't give you privileges like breaking forum rules and/or in-game rules. Second - we, The Senate, are not administration, we are here to keep the forum clean and nice for everybody + we help run the Prison with our head of Senate. We have no idea who donates or not. For me, for example, you are all the same, I just keep the forum as clean as possible and punish the guilty accordingly.
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    1. My nickname: ArchAngel2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 84. Name the offender: Function5. Proof: In the screen shots 1 & 5, beside insulting me & Sheol, admins are insulted also.
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    Ratangel, you are freak. i wonder why you don’t share some Spanish songs, you must know this language perfectly my dear Sheol-dobby
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    part 2 shouldn't be enough. you have to tweak each server every weak, regarding to feedbacks after tweaks. Only after some monthes (10-15 tweaks) you will get right balance. In 2 moves you will never get real balance (only if you remove your formulas backing to stock chinese version without any resets).
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    No, it's technical requirement (for safety reasons) For BK will be changes
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    you write something to public and call me a stalker ? on wich planet do you live ? - Stupidus ? You dont know what to do with a woman, you only know how to creat a topic hahaha
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    If you don't have a useful answer, stop replying. You always have this "thing", to attack everything I post. Boy, it's not my problem that your girl friend left you, because you didn't gave her attention, it's not my problem you pretend you're a girl in your last days of playing in Aurora, it's not my problem you can't release the tension you keep inside you since you need a girl for that & it's not my problem that your hate towards me is so big that gives you nightmares.
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    find a hobby nerd, real one
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    we all know what hard work means for R.A.
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    Can you make deals under 50 bons taxless ?
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    Ok, guys, chill it back, this is already going way too off-topic. Let's get back to the topic or not post here. If you wanna discuss who is lazy and who is not -> Tavern
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    that is technically impossible. Each servers have different databases, items have different serial numbers, and a lot of other technically things. Here is the answer. Players have A LOT of opportunities to get bonuses. We have a lot of FAQ on forum, how they can get it. If people doesn't have bonuses, they can't buy anything, other side, who have items, they can't sell nothing. Infinity circle
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    I can PM you my acc info. You can put right stats and with your right hands go and not die in 3 secs from M-Z-U which is in adamantine set, not the top one like mine. You are not right about MG websen creation purpose. On 97d version MG really was the strongest fighter in solo mode with the phantom mace and fire slash skill. Why in your opinion BK is the best of the best? BK is the best in taking dmg. He should stay alive much more time, to take the main damage from other parties on CS. And to have possibility to kill some chars with his strong combo. If with BK it's harder to do quests - doesn't mean it should be the #1. It's basically not correct. BK has buff which gives him and his party upto more than 300%+ hp. MG hasn't it. But should have anything other really good in the pocket, isn't it? Or again you think it's Spiral > Fire slash > Die. Only for that player should MAX MG?
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    Guys, I hope you realized there is a problem with the reflect. If I hit a MG 100 dmg, sometimesit reflects 10x more. I tested this earlier with Cazador (aurora). He sustained he seen this happening to him aswell when hitting SM. From 2-3 hits I get half my life drawned. I will post a video later.
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    And we have one more problem, becouse we have same dmg from combo with wings and withouth wings, look DL attack FS and wings works in normal attack,,,, but for combo its dont work, when i use 1 sword i have the same dmg with 2x swords from combo. Now my wings it was only for defence.. In this formula BK have wery low dmg from norma attack.. and wings was for only defence.
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    When you can't win in game, you start to blame everyone else, even if the problem is at you. @ASELS you started this topic, because you insulted in game and got punished. If you didn't had that filthy mouth, train a bit & play in team when you see you can't handle other players alone, maybe you'd do better in game & you wouldn't insult or accuse someone else of your impotence. @ristache doesn't matter how much money you donate, but if you don't play by the rules, you'll get banned. I saw that players called you "tomato", but you proved you can beat them, as I saw you posted a screen shot with the score, good for you, you know how to play, but willing to dismiss a senate member just because the other team beats the hell out of you, not in 1 vs 1, & because you intentionally insult other on Forum (you insulted me lots of time), looks a cowardly act from your side. Accept the game rules & stop acting like you have rights just because you donated money, you're not the only one that did that. Now, my brother ( @JackBlack ) & I had some "fights" with @popwar, & now I talk from both of us, we never cross our minds that we want him to be removed from senate. This thread, from my opinion & I bet I'm not the only one with this opinion, has no sense.
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    For person who all the time cried about racism, u are pretty dumb. U want to say only because we donate we have a special rights? Different rules? Like non donate people need to be treated like a player with no rights, but if u donate u are like a privilege? It is our only choice to donate and it only gives u a virtual currency. It doesn't give u any better status so u could do what ever u want. And this is forum, like @popwar said they don't know who donated who not.
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    Please fix combo BK after update part one its so most powerfull but admins that change and now its low rly low Sm have same combo after update and admins dont change that. After updated my combo its ok 50k but player cry and admins change that now its 20k... and now its good balance ? Ofcorse all crying ppl say YES
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    Your last comment was with bad words and humiliation. I've watched some topics in Prison jard, so i'm totally understand, why your post was deleted. If you like to talk with others - please welcome to the Tavern section. Your messages in prison jard is flood. " That was for good purposes you little snitch well done! " This message for example. What's the point of this message in prison jard topic? " popwar whats wrong with you? always deleting my posts or giving me r.o. if you are so emotional you shouldnt be here " How this message is connected with that thread?
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    You are falling in love with every girl who is somehow connected with this game! The same story with Bagira
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    I think I'm falling in love <3
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    Nice one! I guess u will be an Muse Elf for Helloween
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    pigeon can you handle it? we wanna do it
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    really? ;D
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    At least you will be this weeks winner of most liked topic!
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    Again out of context. You should also upload what you said to me before I said that. I will do the job for you: and I will reproduce what you said: "Archangel: Suck it on vip or in other map Archangel: You piss (urine) " Even this screenshot doesn't meet the quality and required conditions of admisibility, I use it only as a proof that he's no Angel or Saint as he believes he is. He always provoking, and using the screens after his swearings, to incriminate people. Also, "belit pula" means "you're screwed". Don't twist our words up, liar Anyway, you might win today, but in the end, I will be the winner. See you in game
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    @Weissmann @ASELS since you look for my attention, well ... you got it & this is for both of you.
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    Guess the result 0 vs ???
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    Exactly. Would be unfair if people would play SM/MG to get max res & quest and then change to the strongest class possible. This won't change. Closed.
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    I dont understand why you keeping asking that, no one said BK is not the "best class" but its not possible that a FO player with all +15 cannot kill you, not to mendion a DL. Maybe if you have FO all items yes then you are unbeatable but as it is right now, you should be killed with ease. You try to keep your teeth on the change that the admins (unfortunately) have brought, but you forget that they are aware of them even though the problem will be remedied
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    U see, Donate doesn’t help you, so stop to do it 😂😁
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    What Madara said. Just look at the topic @yamakasy has created. That's the way DL damage works. Regarding BK being too crazy atm, i agree.... But let's not forget, BK is supposed to be the best char, so.. why the crying? Because now you have to think what you're doing and can't just stand and press 1 button? Anyway, as I, Artur and Bel4enak already said MULTIPLE times - wait for Part 2, it will change things. P.S. of course feedback is welcomed, but please real feedback, not just crying.. tests with numbers would be best, especially from very top players.
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    Well, since we started REC'ing these for even 1 word, i have to go REC 4.3 Tsunami. Also REC 4.12 RaGNaR
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    Who are thoes Babes ?! Can u Guess ? Ofc Playboy in the middle, thats me tho but my Sidechicks ? Guess the Names Server: Phobos Me = MARVEL