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    This is game, I am here to have fun and I never wanted to offend anyone because I love and respect every player! But beware!!!
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    This is game, I am here to have fun and I never wanted to offend anyone because I love and respect every player!
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    This is game, I am here to have fun and I never wanted to offend anyone because I love and respect every player! But...Guess who is in the pic?
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    Everything not related to topic hidden. If shit like this happens again, outside of Tavern (even in there, there are limits), all of you are looking at a long RO. Keep this dick measuring competition in-game.
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    Currently we are working on closing the holes in our anti-hack. That is the number one priority right now. We are trying to roll out the update as soon as possible. Big thanks to CCCP for assistance. Then we will sort out the logs and detect witch of them are real cheat detections, and witch were misfires. If you have used any kind of cheats on our server - I suggest you to confess. Write a private message to me with your nickname, date, time and the method you used. It would help us to improve our detection systems, and significantly help you with your ban times. Otherwise there will be no indulgences.
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    I think yes, because the respawn after dieing is not far. But this is only my opinion. Maybe someone else has a different one.
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    it counts if you personally kill some LBA boss.
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    Wow guys, you really are retarded. I wasn't able to imagine, that people can be that stupid. Both sheol and jokers. Bunch of dumb fucks.
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    edit : "forget arch brother"
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    Anyone can download a map from the client and put in their game client. It's that simple. For some time we had client protection from that, but it didn't hold for long. The initial source has been our eGames MuOnline server, when we first introduced Arkania: http://mu.egames.gs TDM has been introduced in 2012 when had Season 3: http://forum.egames.gs/index.php?showtopic=94527 First version of Arkania has been introduced in 2013, also on Season 3 client: http://forum.egames.gs/index.php?showtopic=96139 Arkania Episode 3 made it's debut in 2015: http://forum.egames.gs/index.php?showtopic=99006 Bless Arena also has been developed in 2014: http://forum.egames.gs/index.php?showtopic=99778 The only thing that I have released publicly was Noria skin, that I also made for eGames: http://forum.x-mu.net/topic19447.html So basically all custom that you see in our client (except from Silent Ground and Ruined Lorencia skin (partially) are made by our team, we are the primary source of all those release. I thought that it was obvious.
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    Even thread with payment problem can be funny. Mux community best Closed
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    This is game, I am here to have fun and I never wanted to offend anyone because I love and respect every player!
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    I don't talk to convicted people. Get lost and cry to wiz
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    Judging by the first respawn time, which was almost one minute, it is clearly that was some connection issues. What I don't understand is the DL naked standing there always and nobody reports him. Why didn't you report that player too?
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    Cant longer wait
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    Hello from norway
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    @BeL4eNaK Do you still like this shitty attitude? I wonder why they reigistered the other guilds, again, and put there characters with 35 resets and with full defense?! And I've got the answer: they want to put them on switches so Sheol doesn't have again a fair fight with Jokers, because nor the guild master of those "phantom" guilds has a chance to stay at crown nor they have a 3rd character to keep a switch. Beside that, the 3rd phantom guild didn't managed to register, because that guild had a nice character with full defense also. That's a shitty attitude from a shitty guild master that created shitty guilds just to have a place where he can shit and eat shit with some of his shitty guild mates. P.S.: Hard words, but for what they did, they deserve them.
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    Looks like there is something wrong with your game client, try to reinstall. I moved your character back to Arkania.
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    off topic: i like first ss you posted MZU. "[Notice] Last killer: Tsunamy"
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    lol maybe make new achievment for forum topics ?
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    Today at 23:00 server maintenance will be conducted. Gaming worlds will be unavailable for ~15 minutes. This is a prep-update for the upcoming game play expansion that is coming next week. Today we've got an updated anticheat, new Lords of BA Bosses, new loot boxes and other preparations for the grand-update. And the main feature: New Kanturu Domination Event (beta-test version). Entrance from the Kanturu Core. 3 spots need to be controlled by killing monsters. Left and Rights mobs 10 Points. Top mobs 15 Points. Boss that appears after 10 minutes gives 1500 Points. Guild that gained the most points wins. Prizes are given to GM, AGM and BM's after the event. Event time 15 min. Event will run every 4 times a day for the testing period: 06:00, 12:00, 17:00, 21:00. After testing event will happen once a day. More detailed infomation about all the changes and updates will be available with the second part of the update. Don't forget to update your game client.
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    We didn't beat you today, but you still insulted, like your guild members always do when any of Sheol members post anything in Forum. We are not "garbage" as your guild master says, we are players of this server, just like you. But I guess some of your members mix real life with this game and it's hard for them to stop expressing their frustrations. We have rules here, you broke them, you pay.
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    Imperial, Primera and Abyss sets have this visual problem.
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    Right ... best definition of how worng you were. You just KOed yourself. And don't make the lawyer in here, because that doesn't work with me. I don't need a suit to know elementary stuff, I "port adidasi cu talpa de spuma, daca-ti dau doua picioare in cap iti fac freza." (Alan) And that was for trying to twist words like "mata" and trying to fool senate members that you didn't said something about family again.
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    Are you saying something about my mother again?! You see MZU, you provoke and when someone respond to you, you start to say things about real life and especially family and after that you ask for senate members to help you. Like Puya said: "Nu esti un barbat, esti o pizda."
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    @WizardSM go to papa Sheol
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    make this tattoo on your empty head
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    It means what it means It happened to me aswell. I usually have more than 5+ open clients. Maybe the tickcount is activating (more clients, lower connection..)
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    Currently we are working on the updates for the Aurora server. There are lot of things to be taken care with.
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    Spring starts from 1st of March.
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    From what I have heard, and what @Artur has said - new server in spring. Details will probably be known only when the server gets announced.
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    Good news, next Castle Siege will already have a proper anticheat upgrade. Our coder Emp made a huge improvement on that part. Update with antihack and other interesting stuff is going live on Friday.
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    Happy bday to him! Hope he gets big and strong and healthy!
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    1. Not able, but OBLIGED to contender, that is not the same. In that case, let's just add 3 more resets, the same thing. 2. This is just... Not gonna ever ever happen. Admins will not give you top items+4 options. You can try and get them from castle lord mix, that is all. 3. Yeah, this needs to happen. From what i know, it is "in work" for a while, let's hope it soon gets implemented. 4. What? Do you forget that this is a Pvp/PK game? There are PVP/ PK , and non-pvp areas for a reason!
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    in other place can't do "up"? but nvm. you decided here....here it will be. gl man at your sell
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    I am sure there are no bugs in CS. At least in the vision of administration. Wait 6 month and let @CCCP post a video someday to improve the server again 😁
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    This makes part of the game. In mu bless and other MU this is a special event, and people work their ass hard to get to win a CS. Let them farm sign of lord, and register then. They farmed a d entered 255 and participated and won CS. It's not easy and not even fun to register crown 6-7 times each guild (sheol and jokers) each CS. Fix your CS bugs first and then suggest us things.
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    is it ridiculous that you have to pay for it? as a result. because of a problem with the game infrastructure.
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    It's only a visual glitch. Options work as they should. It will be fixed in the upcoming updates.
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    Maybe with some additional hours?
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    and of course picture from UAE, Burj Khalifa
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    I guess you will like it It was just a picture, but @Artur decided to make it more "Mu"