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    S> M-Z-U DL full char, full quest, 207 achievement account+email, FO+15 paewang, wing, jewelery, scepter/shield, shadowmere S> -Teko- BK full char, full quest, ~120 achievement account+email, FO+15 brave, wing, jewelery, weapon/shield, demon S> Weissmann DL full char, full quest, ~190 achievement account+email, FO+15 glorious, +13 FO wing, jewelery, scepter/shield, shadowmere S> Zeta ELF, ~130 achievement account+email, +13 Red spirit 3 opt set (dd ref xxx), demon, FO wing, FO dark stinger bow Various other full res+quest characters, high achievement accounts+email, FO items, pets, etc included. For any details PM me in Forum.
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    I first time see this kind of problem, and not have any idea, what problem this is. On Friday i asked about main and patcher only. On weekend we don't working. So if TS is still here and don't write an abuse to European Court of Human Rights, i can try to help via Team viewer.
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    Put it on 1lvl char and delete him
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    No, ofc not. Besides that I don’t sell for bons in this project, your offer sucks
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    Well, the result is that I've reinstalled this game 20 times and I got the computer format to conclude that I did not have to invest in this game so much time .it Can all be okay for you right now, but think if something happens and you have a problem with the game and you have to wait 5 days for someone to come in, not to solve the problem this is hard they dont know how . So I want to conclude by saying that at this moment I have deleted the shit of the game and will make an official complaint about my lost time, so maybe in the future you will close this game or at least it will not be so indifferent to the consumer needs.
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    Remember times when they was saying NO! numbers dont lie these numbers are correct!
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    Umm, link please
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    s>> full chars FO +15 all, BK DL MG, ELF, pets, 180+ 190+ 207 achievement accounts - bless play points.
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    Hello, Many players wrote on chatbox but no one reacted, Is there a techincal issue with removing quest limit on x200 ????? If no, then please remove it, there are not so many players remained on server who anyway wants to move further.. Thank you,
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    1. My nickname: BlackSanta2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.94. Name the offender: http://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=K-Y-O&serv=server15. Proof:
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    I didn’t rule out the afk option. That’s why i said, that if i see this done on purpose.. then i could. But just because the sever is at a low online situation and the players are kinda “soft”, at least the newcomers. Anyway, i think other senate members will agree, that this time there is nothing to see here. Closed.
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    1. My nickname: ENCA2. The game server: x100 Pandora4. Name the offender: TyHone I waited 2 hours to use the gate. he is afk nice game
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    A dick move, of course, especially on a server that needs new players.. on the other hand, you can go to the 3 main towns by foot and BA frankly is just bad for noobs, this guys guild could just easily come and kill everyone. Also you could ask someone to try and move him, just fyi. Anyway, i’m noting this, if this happens on purpose again, i could probably go for 4.18..
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    MAke a prison Topic with rule 4.18 and he wil get hes punishment. Make sure the Video is 2 mins long
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    LordRaiden & SaltyRage rec 4.2 (more profilactic) GRP1, Scar, HannibaL, LeTmeKillu rec 4.12 (for now, need translation, anyone?) Also, the first screen - “hello” “me?” “me?” - 1 more step closer to 4.18, looks to me like clear provocation. Next time i see this kind of stuff - i am making a 4.18 topic.
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    Latviešiems ir savs Eminems
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    I wonder if they have the same availability in Bless MU aswell
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    Have you tried to install only patch, and then run game with the help of main.exe in your game folder?
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    One more topic and you’re gonna be able only to read for a while I said - wait, someone will answer you, when they can. Closed.
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    vivaldi - 4 seasons