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    why there is no command for jewels of goldsmith??
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    MZU seriously, are you drunk or wtf is here hard to understand ? -.-
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    Found new skin for DL top set))
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    Russians are alcoholics.
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    4 weeks of parts farming. Enjoy Part1 Part2 Part3
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    The gaming client has been updated. All players need to auto-update through Launcher. To get an auto-update, close the game, close Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher , it needs to be unpacked to the client folder, replacing all the suggested files. A lot of work has been done to update and rebalance Ancient sets. The main attention was paid to the sets of grades E and D, they received significant increases in all directions. We have tried to ensure that even among the lowest grades there are no useless sets left. Many sets and combinations will now be a great alternative to Excellent sets in the early stages of the game. Together with the improvement of characteristics it was necessary to change the components of some sets. In many sets, the number of pieces that you need to assemble in order to get the full set options has been reduced. It was required in order to make the process of combining parts from different Ancient sets as interesting and rewarding as possible. The parts of the sets that have been deleted are: Piercing Helm and Boots, Eplete Helm and Gloves, Barnake Helm, Ceto Pants, Hyperion Armor, Garuda Pants, Cronus Boots, Odin Pants and Boots. These items on hand, lost their options, but they still fit to create Feather of Condor. The very same combinations with parts from different sets became much larger. Added new kits: Wild Destruction, Veseny Divine, Asylum Aschrow, Aces Eclipse, Talia Iris, Darkside Adamantine, Jokers Valiant and Hydra Thunder Hawk. They all consist of 2-3 items, assuming effective combinations with Excellent items, and have their own characteristics. The Power of the Ancients buff was improved: an additional 5% were given to DW, DW and MG, using a two-handed weapon or staff, and DL when using a crow.A maximum value of 40% increased damage can be received by a gladiator when using a two-handed weapon. Also, there were fixed all the previous mistakes with Ancient kits, including the absence of titles and the ability to get all the options without having to put on a complete kit. The total number of Ancient sets on our servers has already exceeded 60. A full description of all existing sets can be found here . The function of Zen's selection from Rudolf has been completely updated, it's no longer dependent on its animations, it does not get lost during the re-entry and does not collect Zen for other characters. Selection radius - 4 cells. The speed of selection depends on the frequency of the experience, but not more often than once a second. One killed monster every second gives the chance of a single Zen uplift. If you kill monsters in batches instantly for half a second, then you still will not pick up Zen more than once a second, thus you will not be able to collect all of the Zen monsters that are dropped. But if you kill monsters gradually, for example, a weak character, not more often than one monster per second, then the efficiency of selection will increase significantly. Not getting experience, your Rudolf will not collect Zen, thus it will not be possible to put a tweety to someone on the spot to collect someone else's Zen. One Rudolf will not be able to collect all of the Zen completely on the spot, but being in the Party with a few Rudolphs and at a distance from each other - the amount of Zen collected will increase. In the settings of the clicker added the ability to turn on the AutoParty Gold mode. The mode is activated by the inclusion of the F6 clicker, your character will automatically accept in the Party characters of different classes and a level no higher than yours by more than 120. The old commands for creating AutoParty remained unchanged, but now are accompanied by system messages so you can see what criteria you create AP. Updated the visual appearance of Shadowmere . We hope that now you will like it. At Castle Siege, if you take a button, it will visually disappear from your screen while you hold it. For other players, the button is always visible. This should prevent various ways to keep the character in one place using the button. Fixed bugs: arrows can no longer lose Durability, teleportation of participants during football is now correct and does not affect other guild members. In the Devil Square, Queen Rainers monsters are replaced to improve performance. If on Team Death Match you teleported from BC, DS or CC, then at the end of TDM you will be teleported to the city.
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    GUILD - Play for fun or alt+f4 Why should you choose our guild? We are a team, because MU Online is all about team play. Its not depends on one player, its depends on all GUILD. We play for fun, if you can`t participate in all events, dont worry. (there is some rules) We are experienced on Xglobal configuration. If you have some questions, just ask. We have senate, there are 5 peoples who decided important questions about guild. (everyone can be part of senate, proove yourself!) We dont sell items to guild members. We help members to get equipement! (Its all up to you.) Rules of GUILD. 1. We are about NO RAGE play. If you have some problems with players, there is several ways to resolve them. If you cant do it by yourself, contact senate. 2. There is several events to participate in game. You need to participate in, at least, 2 KA events in week, CS is mandatory for all members. Asteroth and Great Dragon is optional. 3. No selling items to guild. 4. No KS to guild members. 5. Who leaved guild or was kicked will never join us! 6. You need to be at least 80 resets. (if you dont have so much, you can join our Academy. Prove yourself and one day you will be in main guild) 7. Access in LOT have all members. BUT, top monsters kill only GUILD senate. You can get sets, items for crafting feather. But drop from monsters is monitored by guild senate. Punishments for breaking GUILD rules. 1. First time 10B. Second time 20B. Third time kick out from guild. 2. First week 30B. Second week 50B. Third week kick out from guild. 3. First time 30B. Second time 60B. Third time kick out from guild. 4. This question will decide GUILD senate. Application Form. 1. Characters Link 2. Your age. 3. Playing times, by server time. (you play in morning or evening or only night) 4. Do you have opportunity to join Discord channel. 5. Why you choose our team. (more than 2 sentences) 6. Do you agree our rules and punishements? P.S. If you dont have requirements for this GUILD, you can join our Academy. (PM E100)
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    Thanks for the feedback, I will take a look
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    Discussion between Dellonz and Kurwa, like this he got fooled
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    But without video we have no idea that he is alone, or where he got buff. Even if he is, maybe he was buffed by his team before his teams elf died, right? We have just you posting screens and shouting that "he did that!". That is not enough. If we should believe you, then why shouldn't we believe @Viserion that you did the same thing yourself? I think no further discussion is needed - next time make a video. Closed.
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    i see here u just run from him . also i saw when u buff urself with storm . other team ELF . u just taking urself down here . TOP RAT so become to RatAngel with ur word .
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    This just doesn't prove anything. We would really need a video where we can see how the elf buffs him, otherwise... It is impossible to tell what is happening. And yeah, it is not said in the rule, but come on, think about it, which of these accusations can be proven with a screen? And btw the "Note" talks about Inactivity, how it is classified and how to prove it. It does not mean that videos are needed only for AFK cases.
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    what is enough ? video clip where he runs with same aura like in screens ? What exactly would proof a video in THAT case ? and btw, a video needs to be shown only to proof AFK while TDM. Where in rules i can read about prooving 4.9 ONLY by Video ? i never saw this rule, so i just didnt record it, bcuz why should i if no admins wrote about it ?
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    I guess, this is the first time you are wearing an ancient set that does not consist fully of just "body" armor items You can wear it with whatever you like, as already you know by now. Of course, best is to use excellent +DD items for more def, which you also should have figured out by now Anyway, the answer is given, closed. If you have any other questions reagrding this, pm, i can re-open if necessary.
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    Could some admins enlighten us regarding the "new" ancient sets: imperial dark master golden glorious primera glorious Do we have to wear them in addition with excellent items or other type of ancients? Like: do i need to wear imperial dark master with excellent dark master set or I can use it with empire dark master? Having that visual bug it's very hard to comprehend and we were not being given any infos about how to wear them. Thanks
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    1. http://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=qBacca&serv=server2 2. 18. 3. From 8pm to 12:00am (Night time.) 4. No. Becouse my pc is a bit laggy, and i cannot run 2-3 programs together 5. I really did like your team becouse of your TeamWork and boost each other as i wanted it to be, i played on few servers and was in top guilds and i know how to help or let's say work with a whole team. and the other Reason is you guys play Calm and do not write random things on post or DisRespect others. 6. Yes i do.
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    In the picture it’s empire, I only wanted to show him an example of what he said - use ONLY these. (Helm armour gloves etc) Fuck if I ever worn Hyon set. Meanwhile I’ve kinda noticed it works actually good with exe set. That’s what I’ve been asking! Exe or fcking ancient....
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    Currently update for ancient is in development. It will fix and change a lot. Excellent items do not affect ancient in any way, you can mix the way you like. To receive full set ancient options you need to wear only the items listed: Imperial Dark Master Set item parts: Helm, Armor, Gloves, Great Lord Scepter Primera Glorious Set item parts: Helm, Armor, Pants, Shining Scepter Golden Glorious Set item parts: Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots
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    I guess he means russians as administration. So i suppose this is 1.1, but this is up to admins to decide if they find it disrespectfull.
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    That was stupid to leave bought char on his account.
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    common sense mate..
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    Ok so, from what I understand, I have to wear no pants and no boots. Great. Can you explicitate better or I need to hire an interpreter ? Thanks.