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    After prolonged and heated debates it has been decided that the best course of action in the current situation is to make a merge. And as you can see, the situation on servers Legend and Phobos is quite dull. We don't want our players to suffer from boredom, thus we provide an opportunity to join communities and breathe life into our gaming worlds. Citizens of servers Legend and Phobos are going for a trip – Muxglobal Legend and Muxglobal Phobos are merging with Muxglobal Aurora. Server Aurora opened its doors in spring of 2016, has more than 400 active players every day, 11000 created characters and it is our oldest and the most solid server to date. Legend and Phobos players will be transferred to Aurora. Your characters with items, resets bonuses will be moved safely. Servers Aurora and Legend received a temporary 99% bonuses return for all items bought in the Shop on the website. We thought that players might want to change their gear in order to prepare for the heavy hitters from Phobos. Servers Aurora and Legend received 50% a permanent discount on buying bonuses. All who bought bonuses in the last 3 months including September on servers Legend and Aurora will receive additional bonuses equal 100% to the amount that they have bought. After the merge server Aurora will receive new Guild Tribute and Clan Reward systems. This merge will be accompanied by an advertising campaign, we will ensure that all our player-base gets notified about this event. We will try to bring back old players and probably attract new ones in the process. Merge will take place on January 8. Complete information about all the details of merging, detailed instructions and recommendations are located here.
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    TDM is much important then gym
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    Guys, I've been reading everything... That's a difficult decision to make and I still don't have a certain opinion on this topic. As you see - it is a proposition. The only thing that I can say for sure is that Aurora's characters shouldn't be affected by the merge. It means all radical propositions like changing rates, resets, deleting resets for Aurora players etc. is out of the question. We are looking for a way to convert and transfer Phobos and Legend players to Aurora, not other ways around.
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    Ho Ho Ho ! Merry Christmas! So long Sheol dynasty. Live long Jokers Dynasty ! Santa Claus has come to Aurora!
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    What merge? Data center crashed, servers are closed forever. We are working to save data to transfer all chars to Phobos.
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    May you get succeed in the year 2018 and achieve all your goals you have set!!!
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    Wow! Congratulations!
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    And also for keeping good online you have to stop opening new server here at MUX. People shouldn't be divided every 6 monthes to new opened servers. You are loosing total online after this moves. Remeber last opened server. Opened Legend -> 30% of Aurora left their accounts for Legend. And it is with every one server. After they leave old server - other people start to leave project at all, cause they don't like current situation and don't like to start it all over again at another rates. Just merge all 3 to 1 and don't open new one for 3 years at least. Start to improve current servers, add something really new and fun - old players would come back probably to taste it. With huge online they probably would play for the long time again. It's only my opinion, which is based on the practice situations of this MUX world)
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    Well, for me it is obvious - we need to do this, asap Don't know what the conversations are still about Also I'm gonna quote @Pigeon - "the more online, the more new ppl will come, the bigger the online gets", so let's go
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    @-Z-L-O- said: On all screenshots there has to be a FRAME of an open chat as it is shown on an example and it is obligatory. No frame - No ban. Thank you!
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    yes here i decide... so merge will be ! ... i am the most important player of this community :)) the true GOD ... so tell us when will be this merge! WE WAITING FOR IT !
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    As @yamakasy said, this is a international server, so yes, idea sounds great. I just think the admins could adjust the event times according to when there are peak online times. What concerns me is that some people probably would go to both of them and would have an unfair advantage in the TDM ratings. So i see 2 options - either a rework of ratings/rewards for TDM as a whole; or to set a limit on 1 acc (IP maybe, if possible) to be able to join to only 1 of them. And the limit doesn't seem really right, since it would just rid the fun for the couple of people who can go to both events. So.. good idea, just needs a lot more thought before it can actually be implemented
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    Option one : leave it as it is Option two: reset ewrything back to when merge was made and fix items. Option three: just reduce the options, in phobos many players bought sets for bonus also from others and are geting reductions, whats the difference here people buy from players and when is reduction is different story? As aurora players sed when merge was made: "We dont care if u bought items for bons from others players which was GRP". So lets imply same point here ? I dont see any fourth option what wouldnt make huge confusion, as i understand many items have changed owners, and nobody know what they have
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    Can someone explain to us why does the GR shop items STILL have full opt? WHY DO YOU ALWAYS FOOL US?
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    Today 18:30 there will be ingame quests on Legend Server! Everybody is welcome to participate. (Event time can be modified, apologize for inconveniences)
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    Since I'll probably be piss out drunk at 00:00, so I'll wish you all happy new year now. Be happy everyone!
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    Happy New year you too
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    It’s almost New Year and Santa is bringing everyone happiness and presents. But this time he needs your help! If we do not help him, then the server will be in trouble. But if we win, the association of elves will bless the server and it’s best players with gifts. The elves letter is attached. Terms of losing: The fake Santa was able to meet with his accomplice In the case of a loss:: Happy hour will be turned of for one week Terms of winning: The fake Santa has been killed The accomplice has been killed Santa has been found In the case of a win - Happy hour will be increase x3 time Individual accomplishments: Player, who made the last hit on fake Santa - 3х Green mystery box Player, who made the last hit on the accomplice – Green mystery box + Green ribbon box + Blue ribbon box Player, who found Santa - Green ribbon box + Blue ribbon box Any player who made at least 1 hit to fake Santa – 20 bonuses We hope that everyone will participate in saving the holidays! Event time on server Aurora - 27 December at 17:30
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    So, about reset conversion formulas: Legend 100 resets will become 34 Res and 400 Lvl on Aurora (Resets / 2.9) This one for Legend, I believe, is perfectly fine because reset tables are comparable. So, let's get it out of the question. Phobos 215 resets will become 25 Res and 400 Lvl on Aurora (Resets / 8.6) This one might be a little bit more open for debate, e.g. should we include the amount of Grand Resets that Phobos characters have and how it should contribute the conversion? For example 1 GR gives 1 additional Reset: 215 Res 3 GR = 25+3 Res Aurora.
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    Thank you Artur. There is no reason to make anything for legend or Phobos.
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    Sometimes it seems moderators prefer to cause deliberately more flood to get heat of from the real issue, which is people dont want merge on theese terms. Yes we want merge, BUT NOT ON THEESE TERM. Thats also what CCCP's post was refering, for more eaqual terms for all of us Aurora / Legend / Phobos. Because ewrything will change any way. It will get tribute system, you are talking about changing max stats and so on. Why cant it be then that all 3 are created to 1 with all max rr to have 35rr and make max rr higher like 40, so that all would need to train to gain the throne. To create equal competition to all 3 server players. The topic was about discussing if things stay like this or merge. If people are against then its sed that doesnt care, its needed.... With this attitude will loose activity not gain it. And if somebody says a good idea what people like then you even dont let them to read it but hide or delete the content.
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    My proposition: 1) Merge all 3 servers to a new one 2) Reset all resets, quests to 0 3) Leave only items, achievements and bons 4) Change exp rate to make it a bit easier to become something stronger than bahamut x1000 x900 x800 x700 x600 x500 x400 x300 x200 x100 x95 x90 x85 x80 x75 x60 x55 x50 x45 x40 x35 x30 x25 x20 x15 x10 x9 x8 x7 x6 x5 x4 x3 x2 x1 5) After reset 35 you can make Grand Reset and to get +1000 stats from 0. Maximum 35 grand resets. So finally you can get +35k stats in total. 5) Decrease quests' monsters amount upto x/2 where it's possible (starting from 100 and more monsters in quest) I think it should be really interesting for everyone. Maybe even I will start to play again on such server)
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    Yes, tdm is TONS of fun when you're getting your ass kicked in a second when full donated guys join it only.
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    Its not dead, people simply do not join tdm because they are too weak to compete with others and its not fun.
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    Any News ? If not i make suicide 😂😂
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    Yeah, well, you can focus and improve a server as much as you like, but MU is a game where ppl tend to chicken out and run to other servers as soon as they see it getting hard. Same has happened with every single server. Atlas opened, was great, a few ppl played hard, a few donated, and boom 1/2 left because they couldn't keep up. So far, only Aurora has held up, probably because it is the slowest and hardest and even non-hardcore players can stay afk etc. Legend took A LONG time to come up with, on Bless this idea of mid xp and no sets was taken very well, here.. Well, you can see, the server is +/- dead in 6 months. Why? Because people just left, went to other servers, where it is easier or for other reasons. The servers are being worked on every single day, by creating new features, fixing old problems, doing stuff with balance and much more, somehow nobody sees it and just goes "omg, server sucks, admins don't do shit, balance is shit". And about balance problems - well that is in your head. The balance is ok (yeah, needs SOME adjustments), every class has it's role and it's limit, this is MU for christsake. I mean, there is a topic on one of our other projects that MG is too imba with videos of MG winning duels against BK. Soooo... i will say this again and again and again, until the end of the world - it's all in your hands (literally). I know it's easier to blame somebody else, aka the admins, for everything, but come on, there is only so much admins can do, the rest is up to the players. MEGA MEGA off-topic. Let's keep to the merge conversation, everything else will be deleted
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    Thats why aurora player dont want merge because after merge he cant hunt goldens
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    if we choose not to merge that means we cry ?!! funny tho because those from aurora cry because we donated and we have better items... Like i said isnt our fault because you choosed aurora or legend !
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    let´s vote : i say YES for merge Legend to aurora
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    The price changed, that is all. Prices change everywhere all the time. As Bel4enak said, do you go to store and ask for refund or to change prices back after you bought something for the old price? I think you are pro-merge, so nothing else you can do, just wait for others to respond and hope for the merge to happen.
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    Dont make jokes Many phobos players buy bonus for money and buy theese sets from other players without knowing they would be cut. Welcome to the club
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    Nobody is saying that it was easy to obtain those items, thing is that aurora players didn't even have a chance to get them since this kind of shop didn't even exist in aurora and merging conditions mentioned grp opt decrease.
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    Today 20:30 there will be ingame quests on Legend Server! Everybody is welcome to participate. (Event time can be modified, apologize for inconveniences)
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    ~ Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right ~ Happy New Year!
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    omg. how react on so stupid offers. ppl from legend who made 100 resets = same as 34 aurora. i have 1 gr and 11 tributes i will take 25? ppl wasted 5k hours and they get 25 rr ,legend ppl made for 2.5k 100 ressets. ppl wasted so much time to get fo sets and so many bons to make it +15, now they will get same items with lower options and wont recieve compansation. u were merged with atlas some .... years ago. Was that successful experience? i beg u, turn on brains. u dont understand that issue at all, just keep silence.
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    Hello! I want to report this visual bug from Dungeon. Sometimes when Death King is killed it doesn't appear the name of the killer. https://imgur.com/a/mCNi5
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    Well.. even if you die, you still do your achievements. And you can die, but your team can still win so you can get +1 point anyway. It adds up. I suggest everyone to go, if you don't go you miss out on much.
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    No, I did not say this. But you better listen to the players needs, in the first place. And maybe then you won't get to have 0 players in servers :-)
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    That's why no enteprenuer have success when they think like you guys. You like to open servers and then merge/close them in half year, getting yourself and the players mad, instead of concentrating on one server. These theee servers all have balance problems, etc etc. Admins never please players by adding new features when they are suggested or requested. Maybe this merge will happen because you cannot fix the balance problem? In Phobos from what I understand SM is shit. In aurora any SM 35rr with normal items kills you with one-two combo. I believe you guys will continue to do this open server/merge server, open server/merge server because old players that come on new players they will donate eventually to get shop items, and for this you can pay the datacenter bills. You guys dont have to hide this from us - you are not an authority to do so, you host a server and you do it for the players, you are not obligated to do so. So please why won't you guys stop and focus on the actual projects you have? That is the key to success. Perseverence. But not perseverating in open server/merge sever. But in trying to find solutions not to get in this situation.
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    Some Phobos members think they are too good to start lvling again, which imho is very fair if we look on what advantages they got from grand reset shop. If the merges happen and they still troll like this maybe they will never get to reach 35 rr 😁 Because resetting in losttower isn't that easy 😁
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    Damn guys, sorry to tell you this, but we might as well close the topic.. MZU, sorry - THE GOD OF MUXGLOBAL - has spoken, he said no, so no merge.. Probably because he is scared.