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    Anyone else thinks that it would be nice if Kundun Relic had an announcement when it gets killed and before respawn? 25 hours is a long wait.
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    I had failed 20x in row, but im well known for "good" luck
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    I have a better solution. Perma ban on forum, GL. Closed.
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    Excel file you can find here
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    It is time for our routine changes in the quest system, so it can be relevant to the current in-game situation. As in previous updates, we are trying to eliminate unnecessarily difficult quests that appear too early in the quest chain, and often cause players to quit when they stumble upon an impossible task. Our goal is to make quest list as smooth, balanced, and fairly rewarded as possible. We have completely removed all missions related to White Wizards from the quest system. We are certain that there were absolutely no fans of WW quests. We have replaced them with new, much more enjoyable and interesting missions in Chaos Castle, Dungeon and Kanturu Domination. Zaikan quest has once again been moved up in the list and is now at #142, while Golden Lizard King takes its place at #119. This should help with the problem of players having to wait in a queue to kill one monster. We have removed all Boxes of Kundun +1/2 from the rewards and substituted them with Violet Mystery boxes instead. In addition quests 70, 85, 101 and 120 now give you Loch's Feather/Crest of Monarch as a reward, this should help newer players in their pursue of creating their first set of wings. Few simple quest Yetis have been changed them to Death Bones in Dungeon. You can see the full list of quest that have been changed below: 57 – Yeti x40 – Violet Mistery Box 66 – Golden Scorpion 1x – Jewel of Bless 70 – Cyclops x50 – Loch’s Feather / Crest of Monarch 77 – Chaos Castle Archer x3 – Stats, Zen, CP 85 – Elite Skeleton x60 – Loch’s Feather 96 – Golden Goblin x1 – Violet Mistery Box 101 – Ice Queen x60 – Loch’s Feather 112 – Golden Titan x2 – Violet Mistery Box 115 – Chaos Castle Archer x6 – Stats, Zen, CP 119 – Golden Lizard King x1 – LvL UP, Stats, Zen, CP 120 – Scorpion x100 – Loch’s Feather 129 – Armored Goldsmith x3 – Violet Mistery Box 137 – Death Bone x1 – Violet Mistery Box 142 – Zaikan x1 – LvL UP, Stats, Zen CP 178 – Golden Goblin x10 – Violet Mistery Box 196 – Armored Goldsmith x6 – Stats, Zen, CP 198 – Death Bone x2 – Stats, Zen, CP 211 – Mayas Nemesis x10 – Stats, Zen, CP 225 – Death Bone 3x – Stats, Zen, CP 247 – Death Bone 6x – Stats, Zen, CP We are always open to your suggestions for the quest system - which mission should become harder easier and what types of quests should be removed completetely. P.S. Server Pandora already had this changes implemented from the beginning.
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    lightning -> teleport -> aqua beam P.S. can use only after 3rd profession
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    1)Crafter 2)http://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/3999-crafter-recruiting-x100/ 3)I played Monster MU in different servers(Zypher MU,ChaosMU,BlessMU) We came from the Philippines. And we like this Server and changes in MUXGLOBAL. PS:Crafters and Sellers guild. Godlikee https://www.facebook.com/khensica
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    Crafting will be fun and useful if the options are retained and not giving us some random options. Let say I have 3 Exc Leather Armor +L +DD +REF, after successful crafting I should have Exc Bronze Armor +L +DD +REF. If I craft 3 Exc Leather Armor +L +DD +XX then after successful crafting I should get Exc Bronze Armor +L +DD +XX, where +XX is random option. The problem with the current crafting system is the "Random Options", why not retain them? Besides finding good items with the same options is already hard, right?
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    For players it means that you have absolutely the same chances of getting items +Zen+Mana as +Decrease+Ref. Anomaly with Defense success rate will be fixed.
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    So we did some simulations. We imitated drop of 10 000 items several times and counted each option. The same calculations and code are used in the Gameserver and Craft on the website. And yes, there actually is bug. As you can see Defense success Rate +10% / Increase hit points per kill +8 appears less often than the other options. Other options are absolutely equal. So Increase MaxaMana has absolutely same chances ad Reflect or Damage Decrease.
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    I pm’ed her on Skype, just wait untill she sees checks Skype Sorry
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    Yeah, by now i already know that "anany" and "sikym" in any spelling forms is smut. So REC 4.6
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    No idea tbh, but i think in case of merge, Diablo will infact merge to Pandora, just because Pandora has less stats etc etc, the transition to less stats seems easier and it usually has happened this way. But that is just my speculation. Yep, 0 res chars will not move and if you have anything on them (equipped, in inventory or in personal shop) you will obviously lose that too.
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    Any League of Legends enthusiasts?
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    The only change I suggest you to do is kill all server processes, get your horsemask on and GTFO this shit game
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    1) Ulumulu 2) http://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/3956-ulumulu-recruting-100x-pandora/ 3) Hello! First im sorry for my english :) Im oldschool Mu Online player (I stopped playing this game nearly season 5 years ago...). I was semi-hardcore player who liked to be in top3 on private servers. I was really agressive style player - I liked KS wars and PVP so much! My guild mates always liked me but rest of server just hated me - it was ok for me, its just a game and i had fun when someone flame me for KS/PK. Now, im 30y old, married guy. My wife is pregnant so im just taking all my free time to play on MuxGlobal because soon i will need to grow up :> Our guild came here from alot of servers years ago (like UnionMu, ChaosMU, PolMU etc.). We are enjoing this server stats and people :) Muczaczos www.twitch.tv/muczaczoslive
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    4 weeks of parts farming. Enjoy Part1 Part2 Part3
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