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  3. Tributes Aurora

    it count's on reputation
  4. Tributes Aurora

    better for spam messages
  5. Free bonuses Problem for Vote

    +1 here
  6. i have on problem for Free bonuses option XTREMETOP100.COM
  7. Problem With Energy Fruit

  8. Tributes Aurora

    +1 @Supreme
  9. Tributes Aurora

    lol maybe make new achievment for forum topics ?
  10. Last week
  11. Tributes Aurora

    all from GM staff will read that...and...that's all. GN ppl
  12. Tributes Aurora

    not bad ideea , but i like more this :What if you add achievement about tributes?
  13. Tributes Aurora

    Hello guys and girls! So what I got here in mind... Tributes are only 2 weeks and it's like a wipe every 2 weeks. I don't like thing which I loose once. What if you add something to make my (probably not only my) wish to make this tributes? What if you add achievement about tributes? Or maybe any kind of points which are with me for life (until this server dies once) and it will give me something good for everyday (any kind of tribute buff[personal buff])?
  14. Problem With Energy Fruit

    Let energy fruits in your inventory -> log out from game -> after 1 minute -> Services -> Chaos Machine -> Press "Pass Energy Fruit"
  15. hello, I have problem with fruits cant pass it. I have more then 64 fruits, but its saying that i have 0, Can U help? Thanks IMBA
  16. ImYourDadd 4.1

  17. ImYourDadd 4.1

    No date, 1 very minor line... And it's not 4.1 btw. ANTI
  18. ImYourDadd 4.1

    And you dont have date ether
  19. ImYourDadd 4.1

    it was just question. this post doesn't show that answer should be NO
  20. ImYourDadd 4.1

    @[email protected]@popwar dont respect rules and I insulted.
  21. ImYourDadd 4.1

  22. ImYourDadd

    Duplicate closed
  23. ImYourDadd 4.1

    Wow, this is the most humiliating insult I've ever seen By the way, that was a question and by this reporting you pretty much gave an answer.
  24. ImYourDadd 4.1

    http://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=rules Raphael read here , before make SS xDDD
  25. ImYourDadd 4.1

    :o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o sory
  26. ImYourDadd 4.1

    1. My nickname: RaPhaEL2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.14. Name the offender: ImYourDadd5. Proof:
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