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  2. Phobos Guillotine

    Hey admins, i'm HawkEye. who Popwar made me R.O. for 3 days because i'm was talking about SH users in our server. Guillotine, my advice to you don't delete this video. because i already downloaded it on my PC. this guy gave us the proof. that you client protection is idiot doesn't autodetect or autoban. this user used HACK 100% -> the proof is 1 - check his mana at 1:30 32850 -> 31198 2- in 1:52 when he killed Tzipy 1hit. 33440 -> 31768 3- 4:17 -> 4:18 when he kill tzipy again. 32981 -> 29791 4- look when asteroth have 1% hp at sec 5:42 -> 5:43 mana from 31727 -> 29843 Conclusion: Donate + Buff + Hack. Don't know why cheats?? $_$ is not enough? this guy should take ban for ever because it's not the first time they report him. or he must give the administrators the tool which he use. and clean all servers from this shiit @ristache @yunuss @LorduBM you were right!. we have also in our servers 2 ! ( LionKing , Loki , and their teleporter elf Queen BA safezone -> TT ) you should do something! @Artur @BeL4eNaK or we all will leave!
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  4. Guillotine vs NbNoob

    like i said, there is training worm and if u put enought time in it u can do the same
  5. Guillotine vs NbNoob

    dude, you're very talent maybe in combos you've trained 3 years how to use 1 2 3 or 2 3 without 1 i'm human and i can't do combo like what is happening in your video. even if i press 1 2 3 fast > won't be faster like that and i confusing sometimes i miss i see in your video you are faster than bullet, and don't miss like Messi this 2 videos are so weird. ! and everyone will watch it will say the same. waiting for admin verdict this time.
  6. Guillotine vs NbNoob

    I don't care about your 3 buttons. There are gamins mices and keyboards with macros in it. It's ok. I do care about your F3 hotkey multihit hack. Do you know what impotent do when he can't? Your F3 is your viagra and you are impotent.
  7. Guillotine vs NbNoob

    there is special place for noobs like u - training worm, go and train ure skill to press 3 buttons and yea im using cheat that multiplies ure dmg 10x
  8. Phobos Guillotine

    Noob, what about amnisty? Share your cheat to admins and stay without ban (maybe). They will find solution how to block this shit in game and everyone will be happy with this.
  9. Guillotine vs NbNoob

    blablabla check your another topic-proof that you are using some kind of shit. Change the hotkey place next time. And stop to upload proof on your cheats using. Noob!
  10. Guillotine vs NbNoob

    sure, im using speed hack and combo clicker, or maybe u just suck guys!? f2 i press after kill to read chat and then again f2 cause it kind of disturbs me in pvp, and after 1st 2 deaths ive noticed that my weapon skill isnt on 1, usually it is.
  11. Phobos Guillotine

    ADMINS, PLEASE, CHECK this. 3:10 He is moving to Tzipy to kill him. Look at the CHAT section. It disappearing. Don't you know why? I know! F3 is SH hotkey. And he mistakely pressed F2. Look at the dmg hits on tzipy. There is x10 at least. How much should we suffer from these noobs using speed hack / multihi or else out of game shit?
  12. Guillotine vs NbNoob

    And also I even know which hotkeys he is using :)) F3 and F4. Sometimes he is mistakely press F2 and chat is appearing/disappearing. I wonder, admins, if you don't care about cheat on your main bread. P.S. Nice strategy lighting... Attack to defence. You just want to show off here that you are not using cheats, but even this fake is seen clearly. I don't understand why people are using cheats in PVP. What is the sense of playing? Go play mario on dendy, pleaaase
  13. Sorrow, ban!

    and on dont get ban?
  14. Silena x5000 Phobos

  15. ss

    4.1 banned
  16. SensatioN x5000 Phobos

    4.9 banned
  17. CCCP

    4.2 ban
  18. mamamia

    4.6 ban
  19. M1k1m4uz 4.2

    4.2 ban
  20. White 4.2 x300Epic

    4.2 ban
  21. Venom

    4,2 ban
  22. Banned-Epic

  23. L33T x5000 Phobos

  24. PLUUME x5000 Phobos

    4.2 ban
  25. SellGod x5000 Phobos

    4.12 ban
  26. ChatMan x5000 Phobos

    4.12 ban
  27. Guillotine vs NbNoob

    it was same dp set anyway i dont wanna hear more lie enough good luck and if they will watch ur video they will see what u using for combo u re really intelligent player but i hope u will use ur brain mate u need more
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