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  2. bonuses

  3. bonuses

    Hy i make a donation and i didn't receive any bonuses ..... any answers ? Thanks
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  5. Transfer character

    Hello good to all admis sorry but had an account with 2 reset on this server and stopped playing it a month ago for lack of time and wanted to know how I can enter the new server phobos or how you say transfer character, I hope your response soon thanks soon.
  6. Well played admins :!

    I see your character in website is awesome i didn't say anything about Sheol, go away!
  7. Blocked

    tk nice next time=)))
  8. Well played admins :!

    Sheol members are awesome.
  9. Well played admins :!

    +++++++ I agree, playing myself from opening the server we had breaks but anyway I have no 35 rr no full quest, they easily made quests, drop them think it was best have items better, I do not have pleasure I stop playing Have you tried those from nova to dispose of all the best but how remains with us
  10. Well played admins :!

    I just want to know something how nova players after merging are getting lvls easily one of them reached to lvl 335 from 17 jan 22:00 to today 23 jan 6 days??????? im ELF and started 35rr from 5 jan to 20 jan ( was in vip period + using summon + 24/7 + BC + DS) just got lvl 352 in 15days ... their EXP is 0.33x +++ of course it can't be 0.33x only .. it's not fair from the first time, we ignored this because the death of our server. but, their server opened in September and we are in May. they should be 30rr max after merging. they are now 35rr 325+ and full quests and high achievements , full donates. beside, they didn't leave their PCs 24/7 like us. + The donation rate of higher servers is not like the donation rate in lower rate servers. everything is easy. we became musty in our server, we became the Noobs and they became the Strongest suddenly. 4 month diff -> in 6 days !!! Thank you i gonna leave this game soon .. and don't fix GP because we don't need it anymore.
  11. Blocked

    Hello , i have a little missunderstanding about my blocked character Queen now akka Transf1883! I should be unblocked in 21.01.17 but only thing what is unblocked is my account -.- and char is still blocked , can tou spare a minute and unblock me or its banned for good? -.- account name - raiveens2 Thanks
  12. item lost after merg

    Nick: Elen i dont remembe all items, condor feather, ignored red spirit pants/gloves, moonstone ring and exl items..
  13. x30

    4.1 rec
  14. item lost after merg

    If you have lost something, please write here also your accounts, and items, what you have lost.
  15. x30

    him killed guild member soo soon him will be kicked
  16. Misleading

    WTF relax, i know my rights, where i can get a lawyer?
  17. Misleading

    Hello! I want to make an appeal of the decision of not punishing JADOQARI for making this report. His report came after I made this report of him insulting me. As a result of his anger, he created that fake report to mislead the members of MUX Global staff. If @popwar didn't payed attention, on this way I want to thank him for that even if I know it his job here, I would have been rec and probably punished for something I said in Nova. But still, rules are same for everyone and in this case is worse, since he wanted to damage me intentionally by creating that fake report. He knew that screen shot was from Nova, but he still reported me. I made a second report yesterday for 4.11. I made this report after continues insults he addressed me in Aurora and beside that I reported him many times in Nova, because of the same thing. Now, he had to "fabricate" something just to make pay for something that in his head I did. So if that is not misleading, intentionally deceiving me, what is?
  18. x30

  19. Quests Phobos 23/01/2017

    Hide and Seek AvanGarD Rugarth Vanamees Tzipy Tzipy Guess the skin Rugarth Rugarth Rugarth Rugarth Rugarth Dots Rugarth Rugarth Vanamees Rugarth Rugarth
  20. x30

    Reporting your guild mate I can not stop laughing it is so freaking funny.
  21. x30

    Yap 4.1 here too ! Thx
  22. Quests Aurora 23/01/2017

    Hide and Seek IIIIII IIIIII shadow Elen IIIIII Guess the skin Good GPdsntwork KillaBee GPdsntwork Good Dots Shadow Elen Elen Elen Good
  23. x30

    Rec 4.1
  24. JADOQARI 4.11

    Next time be careful
  25. x30

    1. My nickname: Elen2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.24. Name the offender:
  26. TPAKTOP x5000 Phobos

    TPAKTOP 4.6+24h TwOoTiNn 4.2 DonSerega + VirusN 4.12
  27. Knight

    4.2 ban
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