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  4. Account Blocked x5000 Phobos

    look at this topic, there is video where i do 3-5 combos in 1s to training worm, so 2 combo in pvp is some kind of easy
  5. Guillotine x5000 Phobos again

    they are not odd, its SM without HP buff and SD dieing from twists
  6. Summer Time

    Today server time has been switched to summer time (Daylight saving time). All events have been shifted. Current server time is specified on the website. And please, pay attention to the Castle Siege start schedule:
  7. Guillotine x5000 Phobos again

    Watched video till end, few kills between 4:50-7:00 looked a bit odd. It might be something but might be not. But overall most of the kills he done were genuine.
  8. Account Blocked x5000 Phobos

    One more stupid comment regarding this mystical "defending of ppl" and im gonna start giving out really long ro's, so i suggest to think before falsely accusing the staff.
  9. Guillotine x5000 Phobos again

    Well, by that what ive seen, watching till 3:15 i can say that if it would be me on that BK, i would kill you much more times than him. And what is this to do with money?
  10. Account Blocked x5000 Phobos

    Guys, I really don't undestand your position regarding auto-combo or smth like that. Cheats are bad, but auto-combo is not so bad, cause it's not any kind of DLL. It's just MACRO. Look at pro mouses - they have special keys for this. And these mices are allowed on any world tournaments in cyber sport. For example I use this mouse: And I can set up any macro I want. Also I use ASUS Claymore keyboard where I can set any macro directly from my right ALT button. P.S. I don't use it for combo, because it turns much better with fingers (I use 6 skills in pvp). Macro is working not bad only for worm in arkania. Anyway it's not a cheating. P.P.S. If I will rent one black guy from africa to press for me 123 - will it be cheating? Is it allowed to rent a guy to press buttons here? Be real. Learn to separate cheat from comfort.
  11. Account Blocked x5000 Phobos

    popwar we know that you deffend Royal's.....all of GM do this. Our post's are for new players who enter this forum and read. When they see what is here, they will choose another server to spend their time and maybe their money.
  12. AutoCombo FuLLBM - Phobos

    In your opinion nobody can win fair against you because your are the same maybe.....not fair!!! You tell me that you don't use combo clicker or/and macro?
  13. Guillotine x5000 Phobos again

    Is not important if human eyes can or can't see SH....please check what you can at the momment Guillotine kill me. Guillotine play this game for long time. He knows how to play and he knows how to cheat. If you are just and whant to stop this hack's users you will find what you need to do it. If you are a hack user will protect your friend. Depend's what you like....justice or money!!! PS: when i say "you", i speack in general.
  14. AutoCombo FuLLBM - Phobos

    He put in his video title date. 25.03.2017. Nobody- FullBM can't win fair. As you can see here or before. Anyway he didn't put in duel against me because he lost 9:1 and he run away.
  15. Guillotine x5000 Phobos again

    Watched till 3 min 16 sec, haven't seen nothing. tell please more detalised, where excactly do you see SH?

  17. AutoCombo FuLLBM - Phobos

    Yes this is autocombo, but we don't know when the video is filmed. It depends on prisoner now.
  18. Account Blocked x5000 Phobos's mega proof himsellf))))hahahah used combo clicker )))))and say somethink about urself)))))))WTF?)))Full go to play another server.this is server not selling by monney.and playing whitout cheats.U have full items.and monney but i see u dont have brain)its true! Baned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is for Arthur 1 Fix the closing game and respawn in same spot when a player die. Its easy Solution : Put the connectserver on same host with database. 2. A fix for your speed hack on server is a little fix but work Code: #include "windows.h" #include "stdafx.h" void Antihack() { MessageBox(NULL, "Hacking Detected! Please close third party processes and try again.", NULL, MB_OK | MB_ICONERROR); exit(1); } void main() { char* vector[3]; vector[0] = "Cheat Engine 6.1"; vector[1] = "Injector"; vector[2] = "Injex"; while(true) { system(" Color 3"); printf("Scanning for 3rd party processes..."); for(int x = 0; x < 3; x++) { if(FindWindowA(0, vector[x])) { system("color 1"); printf("[%s]\n\a",vector[x]); void Antihack(); } } } } 3. Another fix for speed hack you can set from commonserver.cfg but there you must calculate speed of each char at max stat + speed with potion with alcool and x shop agility potion then change limit of it to max of your rezult . This will make any sh player disconnect instantly. 4. I will share you more when start care about players I hope i helped you! But better is a Mu Guard block more Have fun
  20. Yesterday
  21. Account Blocked x5000 Phobos

    U2 use logitech mouse i saw you how exit safe-zone and make instant combo so stop crying here . Kids of royal i was playng this game many years i know all your bk tricks and yes ive played bk :)) to prove you becouse is imposible to do what silver and much and guillo and all bk who make 2 combo in 1 sec. Ok let's talk let's make a little mathematical u pres 1 2 3 right lets say that you do in 1 sec + ping + database delay + reflect = imposible with finger make 2 combo instante but im not here to explain you how this game works. C++ learn it a bit and you will understand me.
  22. AutoCombo FuLLBM - Phobos

    Macro i dont defend nobody but verymuch you are so dumb read this maybe will explain you something 2.1 is talking about elite or other programs 2.2 for your info is speed hack and onehit READ RULES AFTER POST KID!!!! that i show you is a keyboard so go and shut yourself . You rly love to post that fullbm he beat you clean and now start cry again in forum Admins make a server for this Royal kids they rly think are immortal or give them God Mod maybe they win something ;))))) verymuch post me to go go :))) post all clever
  23. Account Blocked x5000 Phobos

    People Playning 4-5 Month Makeing Resets For: Set ,Sword,Sheild, and This all you have . and again playning with cheats . This not Normal
  24. AutoCombo FuLLBM - Phobos

    Hahahaha , this is not a good proof ( My Video ) . Thank you
  25. Account Blocked x5000 Phobos

    FuLLBM , You Have Full Inventory And You Play With Cheat ? its not normal . just make Archivment Quest And Play with Fair You Can't Buy Everything With $$$$ .. Sorry I Have Bad english Really 😄😄 GL .
  26. Account Blocked x5000 Phobos

    L O L OL BEST FREAK WHO EVER SEE HERE :D:D Report himself for Ban pernamently SOory fullbm Go play to easy servers :D:D
  27. Epic x300 GGT system Epic Fail

    i dont see Tribute on my char and shop not aivable is it joke or what ?



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