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  2. TDM

  3. TDM

    Can you also add CC at 15:00 ?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Have any news for lost items after merge ?
  6. S> chars, wings & more

    Also selling on Mu.bless Prime x10 This elf - http://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=3aDyMKa&serv=server1 (11 res, 109 quest, Iris+L+dd set, Blue fen) + 200 bon (clear) I will sell it super cheap, for bonuses here -> PM.
  7. TDM

    Some of us working at TDM time we wanna have chance to join also^^.
  8. TDM

    TDM is much important then gym
  9. TDM

    As @yamakasy said, this is a international server, so yes, idea sounds great. I just think the admins could adjust the event times according to when there are peak online times. What concerns me is that some people probably would go to both of them and would have an unfair advantage in the TDM ratings. So i see 2 options - either a rework of ratings/rewards for TDM as a whole; or to set a limit on 1 acc (IP maybe, if possible) to be able to join to only 1 of them. And the limit doesn't seem really right, since it would just rid the fun for the couple of people who can go to both events. So.. good idea, just needs a lot more thought before it can actually be implemented
  10. TDM

    guys lets not forget that its international server, where people play from another side of world, so the thing is lets say if i would have to wake up at 5 in morning to make it for tdm, cause i live in another part of world, obviously i would skip it, so i think yes its will be fair for everyone to make this kinda event on morning time as well.
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  12. TDM

    Well I cannot join at 20:00 mostly because I am at the gym at this time. If you personally won't be able to join it doesn't mean that It's a bad idea to everyone
  13. TDM

    many people have Job and real life at 13 :00 be small online
  14. TDM

    Its bad idea, who will be play 24 hours, some players wll play but others have life work study ^^^^
  15. TDM

    Hi. Looks like the server is most active when its time to TDM and I was just curious, maybe making TDM twice a day would be a good idea, since it's the funniest event, don't you think? Maybe you should make one like 13:00 and the next one at 20:00 as it is.
  16. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    no i dont, i saw Brave set for 2k less than original price. So what do mean ?
  17. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    dont be dumb you understand very well what i mean
  18. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    So it’s Not ur Business who sells sets and for how much :-)
  19. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    not your bussines my wish is my wish it was an example
  20. Wish you had Hades, teacher ! Stay down! 4 grade !
  21. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    Or somebody gift you golden fenrir. Is it fair for other players ?
  22. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    Somebody sell demon for example demon for 5 euro undercover. You give ur old demon back and got 9k bons for 5 euro is it fair ?
  23. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    and another situation ( it's example) : I have hades +13 for shop, it's cost 13500 bonus, i return him and get ~ 13k bonus and buy another hades +13 from GRP with 7k bonus my plus is 6k bonus it's fair ????
  24. Let's not compare these two individual situations. We've buyed all in aurora with x2 more spensive bon. For example, the bons in phobos were 1/2 cheaper. So what now, should they give us all bons back ? Nobody knew about any further merge so we wouldn't buy bons and wait until a further merge to get cheaper bons. It seems to me that you are a bit superficial. Let's not start doing history here. We talk about merging conditions only.
  25. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    On both conditions they buy items without knowing that option will be cut. So its 100% same situation. At that point in Phobos nobody knew they will be cut or anything about such merge and now is same thing, some items missed the cut by some mistake and now some people have bought them without knowing (you cant blame seller for selling such item, because he might not know its GRP item, as many players bought theese already +13+28+all and they dont know if is GRP or not and after merge seeing the +fo they assumed theese are shop items).
  26. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    I mean it for a person who is going to buy FO set in market, not from shop.
  27. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    all items can be tracked by ID i think
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